Leaving the London accountancy job for Peridot was the best decision

After spending 15 years working for large accountancy practices, turning your back on an interesting job with good colleagues and a comprehensive salary and benefits package is a big decision.

The flexible working offered at that time, following a year of maternity leave, just didn’t feel flexible enough for my new family.

After a break, I started working for myself on a part-time basis, became treasurer of a children’s charity and started doing some work for Peridot Partners.

In January 2019, I started working for Peridot on a permanent basis – giving up the city job proved to be the best decision I could have made!

The pros and cons of a large business vs. small business

Working for a large business has its pros but there is also a lot of bureaucracy to wade through: levels of management, rules and regulations, internal meetings and office politics.

Working for a small business is very different. Despite years of experience working for big firms, working for yourself or for a small business involves a continual learning curve.

At Peridot, everyone involved is given the opportunity to make a big impact on a business that you feel passionate about – a business that is making a difference.

In a small, well-led company that is flexible and fun, it’s refreshing that roles feel more fluid and you roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.

Breaking from tradition: small business mentality helps you think outside the box

Previously, my roles followed a traditional and stable path of promotion.

Here you need to try and think outside the box. Expand and grow your knowledge, be proactive, resourceful and self-reliant, know when to get on with something and know when to ask for help.

Yes it’s hard work, and sometimes stressful. You worry more about whether you’re meeting expectations and you feel making a mistake can impact on the whole business and everyone you work with.

In return, there are lots of opportunities, variety and flexibility and the scope to grow into your role and develop it as the business grows.

Small business helps togetherness, teamwork and recognition

You feel more connected to the company’s successes (and failures too), which makes everyone more inclined to go the extra mile and act in the interests of the whole team.

Two of the things that I love most are that no one has the time or inclination for office politics. Also, small businesses move at a much faster pace than large organisations and decisions are often made much quicker.

If someone comes up with a good idea, then it will usually happen. People get the credit for a job well done and everyone appreciates and recognises that.