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How do you develop high performing boards? Trustee development along with understanding modern leadership is key to delivering good governance.

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Boards don’t succeed just because of the people on them. They need development, nurturing, strong leadership and generative thinking. From recruitment to board reviews and development, we're passionate about creating modern boards.

Board Recruitment and Development

Trustee development - sharing best practice

At Peridot Partners we believe your board is key to the success of your organisation.

Good governance, modern leadership and creating an environment where your board feels safe to explore and have conversations that will move your organisation forward, are all essential.

Building accountability, understanding your strengths and weaknesses and working together for the same vision are key to make sure your organisation remains relevant in a world, where the only constant is change.

Good boards understand the difference between strategic and operational responsibilities and they empower the executive team and the CEO to drive forward positive change and transformational growth.

You need to ensure that your board reflects our diverse society, really thinking carefully about how you recruit, retain and support a diverse board.

Below you’ll hear from incredible leaders, who are creating progressive, modern boards.

They’re sharing their experiences of creating whole new boards, of being BAME Chairs, how to manage founding chief executives and why you really need to recruit young trustees.

As you listen to their stories, we hope you feel as inspired as we do.

How to build better trustee boards - a blog series:

Three top tips if you're thinking of becoming a trustee

Special Trustees' Week Article:

Can charity governance learn from corporate governance?

An interview Chris Hodge FCG, Policy Advisor at the Chartered Governance Institute.

Chris was previously at the Financial Reporting Council, where he was responsible for developing and promoting the UK Corporate Governance Code – one of the most influential codes for companies. In this interview, Chris talks about:

  • The main principles of governance: finding the right balance
  • Board remuneration in the charity and not-for-profit sector
  • Can charity governance learn from corporate governance or vice-versa?
  • Structural changes to the board through Artificial Intelligence and technology

Read full article and interview with Chris> 

Trustees' Week Podcast Episode #1:

Iana Vidal, Chair of Girls Friendly Society

Our guest is Iana Vidal, Chair of Trustees for the Girls Friendly Society.  A governance geek, she’s bought in new induction processes and board systems to a historic charity, making sure it remains relevant in the 21st Century.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Being a BAME female Chair in the Third Sector
  • What good governance looks like
  • How to work with your CEO or Executive Director
  • Managing a board of trustees
  • Setting the strategic direction of the charity
  • Challenges in chairing
  • Investing in your board
  • Diversity and inclusion in recruitment


Trustees' Week Podcast Episode #2:

Adrian Sladdin, Chair of the Jane Goodall Institute UK

Our guest is Adrian Sladdin, the Chair of the Jane Goodall Institute UK, a charity which is part of a huge a global movement. In 2018, JGI UK recruited eight new trustees.

In this Trustees’ Week episode we talk about:

  • Building a new board from scratch
  • Working with a recruitment partner for skills-based recruitment
  • How to ensure charity is going in the right direction
  • Being part of an international movement
  • Celebrity support


Trustees' Week Podcast Episode #3:

Trustees Week Podcast with Mike Wojcik

Mike Wojcik, Chair of the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust

Our guest is Mike Wojcik, Chair of the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM). Peridot have worked with YGAM over the last couple of years, undertaking a board review to support better governance and helping to recruit skilled Trustees for both the main board and a new trading company, YGAM Innovation.

In this Trustees’ Week episode Mike and Bill Yuksel talk about:

  • Being the Chair of a founder led charity
  • Responsibilities of a trustee board
  • Working with young trustees
  • Supporting and empowering young trustees
  • Managing your day job and governance responsibilities


Trustees' Week Podcast Episode #4:

Mita Desai and Kira Lewis, The Young Trustees Movement

Our guests are Mita Desai, the Young Trustees Movement Programme Manager at The Social Change Agency and Kira Lewis, a War Studies student at King’s College London and trustee of two charities.

In this Trustees’ Week episode we talk about:

  • How the Young Trustees Movement came about
  • The value young trustees bring to boards
  • Barriers to boards recruiting young trustees
  • Imposter syndrome as a BAME female chairperson
  • How charities can better support young trustees
  • Creating a network and resources for progressive charities who value young trustees

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