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Board Recruitment and Development

High-performing trustee boards and governing bodies are essential for organisational success. Developing a performance culture and finding people with the right fit, relevant skills and motivation to move you forward is what Peridot does.

How do you recruit the best trustees and governors for your organisation? The type of board members who will drive strategy, ask the right questions and constructively support your CEO and executive team?

Recruit the best board

Invest in board development, trustee recruitment and governing bodies

Changing technology, funding landscapes and economic & political uncertainty mean that organisations need to be more agile, diverse, skilled and broader thinking to adapt successfully to the fast-evolving external climate.

All whilst providing assurance, risk management and the robust delivery of your governance responsibilities.

Good boards, with the right human dynamics, are a rich source of skills, experience, ideas, and networks that can not only safeguard, but inspire and support an organisation to thrive in this fast-changing world.

Your board is a key component to the success of your organisation.

Board, trustee and governor services

We know our stuff. Over the last 10 years we’ve recruited 100s of people to boards and, as board members ourselves, we understand the nuances and challenges that come with a commitment to better governance with a focus on growth

Boards don’t succeed just because of the people on them. They need development, nurturing, strong leadership and generative thinking. They also need a culture of openness and trust – and human dynamics that work.

We offer:

  • Board Recruitment (including trustees, governors and non-executive directors)
  • Board Review & Development Services
  • Board Skills & Diversity Assessments
  • Chair Development & Coaching

You can read more about what we think about governance by downloading our report: The Governance Paradox>

“Without a doubt working with Peridot Partners has been a significant enabler for YGAM. The dynamics and productivity of our board has taken several leaps forward and it is pleasing to be working with such a talented group of people who have big ambitions for our charity.

Having now had the opportunity to work with the new board over what is now almost a year, it has been the best thing for YGAM. Our governance, scrutiny and entrepreneurial outlook has significantly increased and more importantly we are looking forward with confidence and an assured resolve to deliver our charitable objects with conviction and maximise our social impact.”

Lee Willows, Chief Executive, Young Gamers & Gamblers Education Trust

Board Development Process

Female Charity CEO representing best third sector recruitment agencies

Our approach is a mix of quantitative and qualitative research. We look at your process, we talk to your most senior staff, we evaluate the quality of your papers and we ask your board to reflect on their roles and their perspective of what an effective board looks like through a bespoke in-depth survey.

Most importantly we create a safe environment to talk about what’s working well and what might need to improve.

Once you receive your report and recommendations, we can talk through the actions which could involve opportunities for board recruitment or developmental opportunities for individual board members. We’ll work with you to process and talk through the ‘what next’ for your board.


Top tips for becoming a trustee

Board development expert, Grant Taylor talks through his tips for becoming a trustee

Organisations we have supported with trustee recruitment and development:

“It was absolutely excellent working with both Grant and Jennifer from Peridot Partners. I was impressed by the research they carried out on JGI before the search began and the thoroughness of their desire to understand our organisation.

Thereafter, the level of service was extremely high and I would highlight the excellent communication by both phone and email. At the end of the process the outcomes exceeded our initial expectations and desires which leaves JGI UK in a strong position moving forward. I would thorough recommend Peridot Partners to anyone looking at professional recruitment services.”

Adrian Sladdin, Chair of the Jane Goodall Institute UK, 2019

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