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The chair role has a huge impact on board, leadership and organisational performance. Yet the chair’s role often unsupported and their development neglected. Our programme changes that.

Chair Development Programme for third sector- man - Peridot

If you're a progressive leader in a chair role, and you want to make a real difference to your organisation and board, The Contemporary Chair programme is an in-depth change project creating real impact.

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Why this chair programme will change your organisation

Peridot Partners is committed to developing the leadership of socially focused organisations through recruitment, board reviews and with bespoke activities that support your board’s development.

We know that the chair role has a huge impact on your board, your organisation’s leadership effectiveness and ultimately organisational performance.

Yet often we find the chair’s development neglected and a support infrastructure for this critical role lacking substance. Recruiting new board members, undertaking diagnostic reviews and implementing spot interventions, the core of our business, can only take your board so far.

This is why we have created this unique programme – to inspire and support your chair to make change from day one, and to transform the performance of your board in a highly tangible way within a year.

Launching this programme, in our tenth anniversary year is both exciting and potentially our most impactful initiative yet. It’s a change and development programme for chairs to be supported to create a more effective and engaged board. The first cohort will start in September 2019.

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Who is the programme for?

  • Chairs of socially focused organisations who are passionate about improving their board performance.
  • Organisations who want to support their chair to maximise their effectiveness, to better understand and develop their Board culture, leadership and performance.
  • Chairs who want more clarity about their role and their performance, including both new and those seeking to further develop as chair.
  • Chairs who want to be inspired and / or want to practically work through challenges in a safe space.
  • Chairs who want to be a part of a wider network of alumni that will continue to provide support, resources and inspiration throughout their board leadership career.

“Without a doubt working with Peridot Partners has been a significant enabler for YGAM. The dynamics and productivity of our board has taken several leaps forward and it is pleasing to be working with such a talented group of people who have big ambitions for our charity. Having now had the opportunity to work with the new board over what is now almost a year, it has been the best thing for YGAM.

Our governance, scrutiny and entrepreneurial outlook has significantly increased and more importantly we are looking forward with confidence and an assured resolve to deliver our charitable objects with conviction and maximise our social impact.”

Lee Willows, Chief Executive of YGAM

What is good governance?

Governance isn't just about your fiduciary responsibility. It's also about being able to ask the right questions and support your organisation to grow.

How to apply

Image illustrating article on should we pay for trustees by Grant Taylor

We are restricting the first cohort to 12 places and selecting group members carefully on the basis of their circumstances, motivation and commitment. For the programme to succeed for all, we need every chair to embrace what’s required to effect real change and have the potential to support others through action learning and peer support.

The cost of the programme is £5,000 + VAT. This will be payable in two stages: £2,500 in September 2019 to confirm your place on the programme, and £2,500 due in July 2020 on completion of the programme.

To apply for a place on the programme please submit a CV / Career Profile or link to a LinkedIn profile or similar with a supporting statement that outlines your motivation to join this programme, the need within in your organisation and how you think you will both benefit.

We will call you for a conversation to discuss your application and confirm your place by Friday 16th August 2019.

If you would like to have an initial conversation to explore the programme’s content further please contact Grant Taylor, Managing Director of Peridot Partners on 07958 690 184 or Grant@peridotpartners.co.uk

Course Leaders, Speakers & Facilitators include:

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