Positivity, passion, and professionalism underpin the exceptional performance of this multi-sector recruitment expert

Vinita Medora
Recruitment Consultant

e. Vinita@peridotpartners.co.uk
m. 07534 244249

Starting my career planning with the idea of becoming an archaeologist and doing some probing into the historical past, I found myself agreeing to a job that was slightly different to my career aspirations — in recruitment! And there started my interest in people and their professional journeys.

I am fortunate to have worked in some vibrant cities like Mumbai, Sydney and London, and in some interesting and exciting sectors such as the Media & Entertainment, Digital Services, Banking, and Consumer Services, most of them at the peak of their success.

Previously, having been involved with literacy programmes, child education sponsorship and volunteering for an organisation looking at early intervention in autism,  the opportunity to pursue a career in the not-for-profit sector was one that was hard to pass. Since joining Peridot,  I have been introduced to organisations that are remarkably inspiring, and I look forward to contributing to their success.

A regular at Vipassana meditation, yoga and Pilates, I can enjoy my work and tackle a balance between an intellectual child and a sporty one at the end of the day. Apart from spending time with family and friends,  a Gin & Tonic and some good music,  go a long way.

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