What does “home” mean to you? It’s a lot more than bricks and mortar

Subhan Uddin, Housing Business Manager, Peridot Partners

Subhan Uddin
Housing Business Manager

e. subhan@peridotpartners.co.uk
m. 07538 756654

Home is where we’re safe, secure and have a sense of belonging. It is where we build our lives.

Good housing makes a massive difference to our health, our education and job prospects. I grew up in council housing in London so have first-hand experience of the benefits of social housing.

I joined Peridot because I wanted to use my skills, experience, and that of my fantastic colleagues to help housing associations and other social housing providers find the right leaders to help them better realise their vision and help the community.

I bring over 10 years’ experience in working with world class talent along with some of the most demanding clients in advertising, arts, design, marketing, and publishing.

Outside of work, I love eating out and trying something new and combining that with live music or a great film is the perfect evening for me.

I’m proud of the work I’ve done with Notting Hill Genesis in appointing an NED and especially so as 15 candidates from diverse background were interviewed for the position. None of them had held such a position before.

I’m always available to talk about how myself and Peridot can support you in your career or find you the best talent so please get in touch.

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