A lover of eighties fashion, nineties music, and noughties dramas, this outgoing Aussie is committed to delivering results for your organisation.


Rosie Reed
Head of Marketing and Communications

e. rosie@peridotpartners.co.uk
m. 07951 278107

After completing my Marketing Degree in 2013, I spent six years developing and executing the marketing strategy for a high end travel agency in Tasmania.

I moved to the UK in 2019 to become a tour leader, working for a company that places a heavy emphasis on sustainable travel that gives back to the community. After these plans were put on hold in 2020, I spent a year developing skills in project management before deciding to return to my original love of marketing. That’s where Peridot comes in.

The values that Peridot hold run right to the core. I am driven by social justice causes, especially regarding equality around race, gender, and ensuring equal access to healthcare, housing and education for children and historically disadvantaged and overlooked groups. I love the fact that I can show up to work and assist in finding the best leaders for organisations that impact positive change in the world.

I am a keen bean when it comes to personal and professional development, and believe that you can and should learn from every person you meet. On the weekends, I am easily satisfied by sipping artfully crafted whiskies, strolling through the incredible gardens and galleries of London, or getting up to my elbows in weird and wonderful creations in the kitchen (while also enjoying the aforementioned whisky).

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