Keen to support the charitable mission, finding the right accomplished people who fit the future direction and culture

Paul Fennelly - Fundraising Recruitment Peridot Partners

Paul Fennelly
Business Manager

m. 07538 893995

Delivering the right people to support charitable developments and missions

I enjoy the countryside, travel and cooking. My greatest achievement in life has been my three wonderful children, I’m so very proud of them and what they are all going on to achieve.

As a fundraising consultant for the last 11 years, I’ve led teams covering all areas of fundraising and completed three capital campaigns in that time; giving me a good understanding of what charities require from their fundraisers. At Peridot Partners, I have the opportunity to use my experience and knowledge to help charities grow their fundraising income and support their charitable mission.

With the support of Peridot’s professional methods and creative and supportive culture, I’m really looking forward to working in partnership with our prospective charities and establishing myself as an essential contributor to my clients’ recruitment process.

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