Inspired by the vital role education plays in shaping a nation and I am determined to find leaders who will change the sector for the better.

Paloma Zamora
Principal Consultant | Awarding and Skills

m. 07950 729470

After relocating to the UK eight years ago, I have dedicated my career to the education sector, from training providers and awarding organisations to tech, all within the AO and qualifications sector. My background in client-facing roles has allowed me to have the people skills essential for excelling in this field. I have always loved client-facing roles and working for purpose-driven organisations. Furthermore, I have worked for the awarding organisation sector for more than 4 years and gained invaluable experience and understanding of the industry’s intricacies.

I’m inspired by the vital role education plays in shaping a nation, and the qualifications sector is instrumental in ensuring that individuals have the tools they need to succeed and contribute to their communities and society as a whole. I believe my strengths lie in my adaptability and strong work ethic. I’m committed to learning and contributing my best to the team in any way I can.

Outside of work,  I am a volunteer in several cat rescues, having also fostered several cats at my own house. I consider myself an animal lover and I am constantly trying to find ways to help those animals in need. For fun, I’ve committed to a dedicated fitness routine, since the start of 2023, thoroughly enjoying various gym classes. Boxing is a personal favourite, closely followed by a newfound passion for running, which has led me to sign up for a December race in my town. Outside of the gym, I’m a Harry Potter geek, rewatching the movies twice a year, re-reading the books every few years and, this year, I’ve had the pleasure to play the Hogwarts Legacy game, which has also filled my schedule. I am a proud Slytherin, with friends describing me as empathetic, resourceful and determined.