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Maisan Maseeh

m. 07535 423577

During my time at university, I was an active member of the Students’ Union – serving on several liberation networks, student associations, societies, the Union Development Committee for Sustainability, and my favourite – as a trustee (and that’s how I got introduced Peridot!).

During this time I served as a student member of two high-profile recruitment panels, which taught me how valuable a recruitment process is to the future and sustainability of an organisation. I also learned how executive search firms can add value by impacting effective societal change – one of the main reasons why this field of work deeply inspires me!

Outside of work hours, I teach Arabic to little kids and volunteer at a few youth activism organisations that work for causes that are close to my heart. I have a burning passion for window shopping at Primark, and I also enjoy keeping fit, with my current favourite form of exercise being heavy deadlifts and my least favourite being running – fun fact: when I was 12, I participated with around 200 people in my first ever 5k race… I came 199th.

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