The girl behind the scenes. This creative is the brains in making sure your organisation looks its best.

Kopnu Mung, Marketing and Communications Assistant, Peridot Partners

Kopnu Mung
Marketing Operations Coordinator

m. 07494596048

After graduating, I went traveling as all 20 somethings do to figure things out. Touring around New Zealand and Japan, I journalled and took pictures documenting everything I did. I began to enjoy writing and blogging, collecting images and putting things together, and now as the Marketing and Communications Assistant at Peridot I get to do it all day.

I came to Peridot as I was drawn to their work with people and organisations in the charity/not for profit sector. I believe it is important we all help and support each other and give back to our communities in any way we can and knowing that I am part of supporting these organisations and causes do more of their work makes the 9 to 5 all the worthwhile.

Outside of work, you will find me baking (I make the best brownies!), taking my camera out for some nature photography and reading romances (because we all need a bit of love).

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