A tenacious fitness fanatic swinging from strength to strength with our not for profit team

Georgia Warburton
Executive Assistant – Not for Profit Practice

e. georgia@peridotpartners.co.uk
m. 07961 208037

Action-oriented, community-focused executive assistant

After graduating from the University of Southampton I started my career at the London Fire Brigade as Area Support. Here I learned that being part of an organisation you believe in and that gives something back is truly important. This is why, after a short stint travelling, I joined Peridot. I like to wear many hats by branching out, learning new skills and keeping busy which is why Peridot is great for me, there is always something on the go and room to grow.

Outside of work you’ll usually find me at my local Crossfit gym or hanging around upside down at Aerial classes. I’m an outdoors person through and through ⁠— as long as it’s not too cold I’m happy for a hike or camping trip, and am happiest when I’m in the woods walking the dog.

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