Eager to find exceptional leaders for your meaningful causes! 

Ella Garfinkel
Recruitment Consultant

e. ella@peridotpartners.co.uk
m. 07432 859534

I completed my master’s degree in English Studies at the University of Cambridge in 2023. Throughout my studies, I gained experience across local arts venues where I was able to translate my theoretical interests into practical contexts. I am eager to bring my research skills to Peridot Partners and find exceptional leaders for meaningful causes.

I feel very fortunate to be part of the Not for Profit team at Peridot. I am thrilled to work with a value-focused recruitment agency that supports organisations to drive positive social change, and am drawn to Peridot’s commitment to quality research through a person-centred approach to clients and candidates. I look forward to building meaningful relationships with impactful organisations to help their leadership teams thrive.

Outside of work, I am a dance fanatic and can regularly be found at salsa and bachata events across the country and beyond. When I’m not on the dancefloor (or dizzy from spinning), I enjoy going for long runs in the park. I love art in all its forms and regularly write about exhibitions, films and books. In my downtime, I enjoy figurative painting and always try to keep a sketchbook on me for unplanned doodling sessions.