This quick-witted quiz-master has all the answers when it comes to further education recruitment.

Dan Baxter
Principal Consultant | Further Education Appointments

m. 07939 994524

I’ve always had a thirst for knowledge, a drive to learn more, and a desire to make the spaces and communities around us better.

Like many of my generation, I was the first in my family with an A-Level, the first to go to university, and the first to move out of my local town. I’m lucky to have gained so much from my education, but University quickly taught me that being the first to do something wasn’t necessarily the best thing. I found my background suddenly had huge ramifications on my social, cultural, and educational capital. It was this realisation, and connected experiences, that have been the driver throughout my career.

Since completing my postgrad in educational research over 15 years ago, I’ve worked in, across, and collaboratively with the FE sector, for organisations that shared my values; creating opportunity, championing those who need support, and inspiring the next generation.

That’s why I joined Peridot! Here, I get to work with colleagues and clients alike who share my values and build relationships with people who care about the communities they serve; all whilst meticulously searching to find those amazing leaders who will champion and inspire.

Outside of all of this, I’m a northern-based school governor, a kid’s football coach, a sports watcher – especially the two-wheeled engine-based variety, a reader, and a general knowledge quiz nerd/wannabe Egg Head/Pointless trophy winner … oh and most importantly, a husband and a dad to two amazing little people.

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