From arts to biology to creative research solutions - Carmel is motivated to help you achieve your goals.

Carmel Smith
Executive Researcher

m. 07494 595178

My interest in research methods began at the University of Birmingham. I studied Biological Sciences, specialising in genetic elements in plants. After graduation, I worked for 9 months as a domiciliary care worker for the elderly in my local area. I was so inspired by the resilience of the health and social care workers and the care users that I worked with.

I am excited to now be in an area where I can combine my research interests with my passion for social change. I care about people and always strive to actively listen to what our clients need. I strive to think outside the box to find new and exciting candidates and am eager to learn about new tools to do this. Finally, I am passionate about helping charities to achieve their goals. If I can make a small impact on the efficient running of some wonderful charities, I will be very happy.

I love all things art and in my spare time, I enjoy drawing and painting. I am especially drawn towards portraits, creating depictions of friends and families from time to time. I also enjoy taking part in am-dram productions. I was a dedicated member of the pantomime society at university, playing a range of characters from pirates to kings to ugly stepsisters. I am a quiet person most of the time, so I find acting a great way to express myself.  I have recently taken up tap dancing for the first time in my life which is great fun!

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