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Students’ Union Recruitment

Supportive, progressive, inclusive and helping to recruit the best Students’ Union CEOs and directors. Our SU services also include trustee recruitment and board development.

Students' Unions are at the forefront of communities, creating real social change for hundreds and thousands of people. Recruit the best people to lead this change.

Recruit brilliant leaders for students' unions

Students' Union executive search

Students’ Unions are vibrant organisations representing the rights of millions of students across the UK. From an economic, social and advocacy viewpoint, they play a vital part in a local community.

Often complex in their structure, balancing commercial, social, education and pastoral responsibilities with changing sabbatical teams, here at Peridot we understand the pressures and nuances a potential CEO will need to appreciate to be able to take on a successful leadership role in a union.

Our Students’ Union recruitment is delivered by Bill Yuksel, an experienced former Sabbatical Officer and current Trustee, and supported by our leadership team. So we understand what it means to build strong communities, how to lead change management programs and what support Sabbatical Officers might need when recruiting a new CEO.

Over the last 10 years, we have recruited over 200 CEO, senior leadership and board appointments for the students’ union movement. We have worked with many of the students’ unions in the UK and we have a growing network of passionate, transformative leaders in the student sector.

We don’t just offer CEO recruitment, we also have a proven track record in students’ union trustee board recruitment and development as well as Director and ‘Head of’ level roles.

For more information, contact Bill or Philippa Fabry on leadership@peridotpartners.co.uk

Students’ Union Recruitment Services

Recruiting CEOs for Students’ Union

Whether you’re looking to change tack or simply find someone exceptional to carry on your current strategy, we can help you.

We’ll work with your sabbatical team and trustees to create an exciting and diverse recruitment campaign.

We can support you with creating or refining job descriptions and our in-depth briefing process means that we’ll get to know you, understand exactly what you need and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional candidate care and your experience of working with us will feel nurturing, honest and transparent.


Mental Health University Day: Supporting students and sabbatical officers

“Your knowledge of both the sector and the recruitment process was excellent and ensured we were able to attract a strong field of applicants and progress seamlessly through the selection, interview and appointment process.

Your engagement at each stage of the process ensured that Student Union Staff were fully informed and enabled to make decisions and lead the process whilst being reassured that all elements of the process had been fully and comprehensively considered and addressed.”

Professor Marilyn Andrews, Vice Chair Keele Students' Union Trustees Board, March 2019

Some of the exceptional Students' Unions we're working with:

“I worked with Peridot to recruit our next CEO. Right from having their proposal for how they could support the Union, they were engaging and supportive. They made myself, and our President feel at ease throughout the process.  The process can be difficult at times when you’re nervous about making such a huge decision for the Union but Bill and Drew made sure we understood all aspects of the recruitment, offered us support and advice whenever we needed it and delivered an excellent candidate that will support the development of our next strategy.

I will be sad to see them move on from Nottingham as they’ve become part of our every day at work!”

Catherine O'Boyle, Education Officer & Chair of the People and Culture committee, UoNSU

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