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Black Lives Matter: Our commitment to addressing systemic racism

Peridot's commitment to inclusivity by Managing Director, Grant Taylor

I have always believed that Peridot is an inclusive employer supportive of equality, diversity, and inclusion. I can also point to many examples of how we have helped our clients to diversify their leadership teams and boards. I can find ways to show you the impact of those appointments.

I realise that we are a little late to release a statement. I do not believe in empty statements and together we felt it was essential that we only offer our thoughts after a period of listening, learning and reflection.

We have tried to come to terms with recent events following the death of George Floyd and I can now see that we have not been doing enough.

We have a position of influence as a recruitment company to make our positive contribution to change the systems that perpetuate discrimination, and with that comes a responsibility to do better.

I realise now that it is not enough to not be racist. As Angela Y. Davis says: “we must be actively anti-racist.”

This is more than working hard to find diverse candidates, adapting processes, or challenging our clients to overcome their biases. That is standard practice.

Being proactively anti-racist, doing more than placing one ethnic minority candidate at a time, is a responsibility we now embrace.

We’ve started three new initiatives to work with and collaborate with more people from ethnic minorities to reach their leadership potential. Helping these people secure platforms to influence lasting change is our goal:

  1. We are replacing our Contemporary Chair programme, which sought to develop experienced board members to become chairs of boards and committees, with a programme exclusively for ethnic minorities. This will create a new supply line of board leaders from ethnic minorities for charities, non-profit and educational institutions.
  2. We will enable young future leaders at the start of their career to see what is possible, navigate the challenges, and achieve their full potential through a new Mentor Programme for young ethnic minority leaders. This is an inclusive network of ethnic minority mentors who have committed to support young managers to achieve their future leadership ambition. Our mentors will share their lived experiences, inspire, and support the progression of this cohort of future leaders.
  3. We are committed to using our research team to better highlight the levels of ethnic minority representation in leadership and board roles in our key sectors. We have initiated an extensive research project to identify and scrutinise this representation and will share our research widely when published. We intend the results to help our clients recruit more responsibly and ensure the right emphasis is placed on diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process so it can positively impact performance and outcomes across the education, charity and non-profit sectors.

At Peridot Partners we recognise that unconscious bias exists. Being a recruitment company, bias must be minimised and processes put in place to manage them. In 2019, all our staff undertook unconscious bias training and I will ensure that new staff go through this training. We will refresh the training regularly.

Finally, whilst we are diverse and inclusive in so many ways, and are proud to employ people from ethnic minorities, but our staff team could better reflect the diversity of our society. I give my personal commitment to make more ethnic minority appointments in the future.

We recognise that Black Lives Matter, and we will be ensuring that we use our influence, time, and resources to address the systemic issues that disproportionally affect people from ethnic minorities within the sectors we operate in.

Grant Taylor
Managing Director

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