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Salary Surveys

Set the right salary to attract the best talent. Salary Surveys give you essential market insight into salary trends affecting your sector.

Find out more about creating a competitive package through a comprehensive salary survey.

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We know that setting the right salary for a role is important.


In your search for the best talent, offering a competitive reward package can help you to attract and retain great people with the skills and experience you need to transform your organisation.

Our salary surveys give you essential market insight into salary trends affecting your sector. We can provide you with detailed salary information that can help you set your salary and reward levels – whether for a new job vacancy or an existing employee.

We can provide benchmarking analysis for a single role, or for every role in your organisation – including members of your Board. Using our own internal database, sector insight reports and published salary data, we can provide you with a bespoke salary survey tailored to your requirements.

Using our salary surveys will remove guesswork and support you to make data-driven decisions on pay. It will help you to bring transparency to your approach, giving you, and your employees, the confidence that pay levels are based on sector standards and market trends.

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What does a Salary Survey Include?

Our salary surveys pull together market information for similar roles in comparable organisations to your own. Using data from our internal database, published salary data and sector reports we will share a detailed analysis of the median and upper quartile salaries for all job roles within the project scope. We will give you supporting information on how your salary compares to the market to enable you to make an informed decision on where to position and set your executive pay. We will also share insights on non-pay rewards that could help you transform your employee benefits package in the future.

What are the benefits of a salary survey?

  • Get an up-to-date picture of how your sector is responding to the external market and economic changes
  • Make pay decisions for new or existing roles with confidence.
  • Position your roles with a competitive salary that helps to attract and retain talented people in your organisation.
  • Provide data evidence to your Board and other stakeholders on how your salaries compare to the wider sector.

Who do we work with?

Salary surveys are often used for pay benchmarking for chief executives, directors or senior managers, and for remunerated chair and other non-executive directors. We work with a range of organisations including, but not limited to:


  • Charity and education boards
  • Arts, heritage and culture organisations
  • Schools and multi-academy trusts
  • Further and higher education institutions
  • Awarding and training organisations
  • Health and social care charities
  • Membership organisations
  • Student unions
  • Trusts and Foundations

If you need further support to implement the findings of the salary survey or reward comparison in your organisation, our qualified HR team can help you create a brand-new pay framework for your organisation, to make it responsive to market trends and to help you retain and reward your existing team members. We can work with you to understand your requirements for a new pay system and will design a bespoke solution that is fair and transparent whilst also being financially sustainable.

“The Committee reported being really pleased with the review and accepted all recommendations in the report which were presented to the main board for approval in February 2023.”

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