Transforming leadership and inspiring change

I’ve always loved recruiting for socially focused organisations, but my personal values felt compromised by the incessant and unrelenting push for profit within recruitment companies. If I could just build a successful recruitment business with my social values at the heart, I knew I would be onto a winner.

And so, 10 years ago, Peridot was born.

What started as simply a cry for freedom now has 22 people and a well-established executive and non-executive search and selection business. I just wanted to be able to work with my clients and candidates in a way that felt right to me, with no internal bureaucracy and without corporate politics and positioning.

We now have flexible services, fair pricing with reasonable terms of business, a focus on long-term relationships, and above all a brutally honest and transparent way of working with people.

It feels great!

We have a research team that any search firm would be proud to have, a growing and exceptional education practice, and other specialist areas such as fundraising, membership and students’ union proving their success year after year. Every year we do more non-exec appointments, in more sectors and more work to support boards to develop and grow.

Recruitment with conscience

We have no debt, we don’t even have an overdraft facility, just a sensible well-run business with a friendly and open culture. We work flexibly, put our families first, and try (and not always succeed) to get a good balance in our lives. We believe in being rewarded fairly for our work and take pride in ensuring that organisations with a social purpose use their hard-won budgets for their core purpose. We always want organisations to feel that working with Peridot is a great investment in better leadership and therefore being able to deliver more impact.

After 10 years of trading we have grown up. We are no longer able to describe ourselves as a start-up. We are an established business with proven expertise and a brand that has good recognition.  So to reflect this we’ve hired a marketing and communications team to tell the stories of the organisations and people we partner with. We still want to retain a fresh and different look, but one that reflects our maturity, our freshness and feels as personable and human as we are.

Accelerating leadership

We’re also creating new initiatives such as our new board change programme, where we develop and coach a chair through the process of developing their board, and we will continue to innovate and invest on accelerating the leadership capacity in the sectors we are working in.

And so, the story goes on. I’d like to thank everybody who has shared and contributed to our journey, particularly Dawar Hashmi, my original co-Founder. Without Dawar’s energy, enthusiasm and support we may never have been conceived in the first place.

I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years bring.