The simple practice of meditation – focusing your mind on one thing such breathing – has proven to have both psychological and physical health benefits.

Incorporating it into your life can help you cope with stress, feel more calm and live life more in the present moment.

Calm before the storm: introducing meditation into Peridot Partners

In a role such as fundraising or recruitment – with the tight deadlines, changing circumstances and pressure to perform – a bit of calm amid the calls, emails and meetings can be a very beneficial thing.

I’ve recently introduced a regular Tuesday morning meditation session at Peridot Partners. Staff are invited (pressurised) to attend and must report having increased feelings of wellbeing or I begin to feel very insecure.

These 10-minute sessions are a wonderful opportunity to enjoy being in the presence of fellow beings, that is all.

An ancient rite: alleviate work stress through meditation

Meditation is thousands of years old and the ‘simple’ exercise of sitting quietly and following your breath was taught by the Buddhists more than 2500 years ago as an exercise designed to help people become spiritually enlightened.

In today’s competitive work environment, stress is a significant part of an employee’s day to day experience. A survey of 3000 workers – conducted by employee benefits platform Perkbox – found that 59% of UK adults find work the most common form of stress.

This is particularly the case in the 25-34 age group due to additional factors of financial pressures, bringing up families and becoming established in a career.

Overwork was the biggest reason for workplace strain, a quarter said they struggled to be productive when stressed and nearly 20% said they turned to stimulants and alcohol to help them manage.

How stress impacts the workplace and how we can deal with it

Stress can have a number of negative effects at work. It can block creativity and clear thinking, it can cause insomnia, anxiety and depression and so reduce the ability to perform at one’s best which can lead to doubt in one’s own abilities.

Clarity and the ability to focus on goals is a bi-product of the inner calm that meditation can bring.  It enables clearer communication with colleagues and enhances teamwork. By allowing stress to be dealt with effectively, it reduces the risk of illness and absenteeism.

Kudos to the global companies leading the way with work meditation programmes

An endorsement to the power of meditation can be seen through global companies, like Apple, Google, Nike and Deutsche Bank, introducing employee meditation programmes.

The modern world can be a noisy place. People trolling on Twitter, 24/7 news channels, mediation articles on LinkedIn, YouTube vloggers, businesses vying for attention, politicians yelling at one another and celebrities baking things on television.

Amongst the noise, there’s space for designated silence too. Give it a go in your workplace, you’ll be able to show off to people about it and that is ultimately what meditation is all about.