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Marketing & Communications Recruitment

From senior level positions to specialist roles, we will support you to recruit the right people to increase outreach and drive engagement through best-in-class marketing and communications.

Marketing and communications recruitment, Peridot Partners

We're specialists in recruiting director level to specialist ‘head of’ and manager positions across the not-for-profit sector.

Recruit the best marketing and communications professionals for your organisation

Specialist marketing and communications recruitment

Marketing and communications play a vital role in the Not-for-Profit sector. Be that for a charity looking to increase awareness for their cause or launch a fundraising campaign, to a membership organisation actively promoting the interests of its members.

The use of marketing, communications and digital is on the rise, and competition for talent is high. Finding the right people that meet your requirements and support your success can be a challenge. This is where we can help.

Like the organisations we partner with, we’re values led. We focus on long-term partnerships to get to the heart of an organisation to build successful and established teams.

Utilising our already extensive network with the sector and best-in-class research capability, we will challenge organisations we partner with to consider talent who can bring a diverse range of experience and knowledge to a role.

Recruiting the right marketing and communications professionals

When you’re working with our marketing and communications practice, we’ll get to know you and your organisation to fully understand your culture and objectives.

We’ll be open, honest and work with integrity. We’re never complacent.

We work with ambitious organisations to recruit roles at these levels:

  • Director
  • Head of
  • Senior Manager
  • Manager
  • Specialist interim roles/consultancy

We have an extensive track record in recruiting these specialist areas:

  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Digital
  • Content
  • Media Relations/PR
  • Public Affairs
  • Engagement
  • Campaigns

Bringing a personal approach to your job search

Here at Peridot, we have developed a strong reputation for exceptional candidate care. When applying for a role through us, we ensure that you feel valued, listened to and fully prepared at all stages in the recruitment process. We aim to ensure that, whatever the outcome, candidates have the best experience and take something away from the process.

We’ll give you a clear insight and guidance into the requirements for a role, be upfront and honest about any challenges and opportunities and ensure regular communication throughout.

We take time to understand what you’re looking to achieve from your career, offering an honest and personal approach. We’re always available to offer friendly advice, support and insight.

“We have loved working with you on this recruitment campaign. You really got under the skin of our organisation and what we were looking for in these two roles. The process was well managed and the shortlisted candidates strong. We are very pleased with the two we have offered roles to and look forward to them joining the team in the months ahead.”

Jennifer Coleman, Institute of Imagination

Working with clients to recruit exceptional marketing and communications talent:

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