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Are you a progressive and thoughtful leader, or an aspiring leader who wants to get better at leading? Our Leadership Network is a safe space for you to meet peers and develop your own leadership style.

What does it really mean to be a leader today?

In November 2018 and in partnership with Within People, we invited a select group of CEOs and leaders to help us start a conversation about leadership.

Within People are experts in coaching people to find their purpose, and to lead and grow the organisations they love.

From extended interviews with leaders around the world, Within had noticed seven common qualities that came up time and again: vulnerability, empathy, curiosity, creativity, conviction, courage and patience.

Starting with these qualities, we provided a safe and confidential space for our leaders, wherever they were in their leadership journey, to talk about what they identify in themselves, using these qualities as a starting base and opening them up for further discussion.

The result was this Leadership Report, which gave us a starting point to build our network.

Podcast: Conversations with Leaders

Our Leadership Events

Female Charity CEO representing best third sector recruitment agencies

We held our first Leadership Network event in November 2018 and then in May 2019 we bought together a group of progressive leaders to discuss how to ‘unlearn’ leadership.

Held at NCVO with special guest speaker, Julie Nerney (Chair of the Association of Colleges and the youngest NHS non-executive director), she talked about how bringing her personal values into the workplace made her a more authentic, empathetic leader and how it felt when she wasn’t being true to herself. You can listen to our first podcast with Julie below:

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“Tonight’s event was really insightful and the thing that I found most interesting was the redefinition of a leadership paradigm. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen words like creativity, courage and vulnerability put into a leadership framework.”

Esther Foreman, CEO, The Social Change Agency on our first leadership event, Nov 2018

The seven qualities of modern leadership in the 21st Century:

Leadership qualities for third sector - Conviction icon

Conviction: Keeping the integrity of the promise that’s been made – doing what you say you’ll do.

Leadership qualities for third sector - Courage icon

Courage: Accepting there will be fear and being able to work with it so it doesn’t hold you back.

Leadership qualities for third sector - empathy icon

Creativity: Inspiring different ways of thinking and bringing out the creator in others.

Leadership qualities for third sector - Vulnerability icon

Vulnerability: Being who you really are, open to uncertainty and emotional exposure.

Leadership qualities for third sector - curiosity

Curiosity: Enquiring with openness and objectivity, and listening for learning.

Leadership qualities for third sector - patience icon

Patience: The calm needed to work with what is, and not rush to solve symptoms.

Leadership qualities for third sector - empathy

Empathy: Understanding others for who they are and from where they are.

Third Sector Leadership Report - Download

How can third sector leaders show up to lead greater impact in the sector?

Transforming leadership

Together we want to work with people and organisations to become better at leadership.

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