Exploring the level of impact good leadership has on an organisation

Throughout my executive search career, time and time again, I have been advised by candidates that the reason they’re looking to leave is that they don’t feel challenged, that there’s no growth potential or, simply, that they feel under appreciated.

Recently, I raised a topic in a blog about ‘What does leadership look like in modern membership organisations?’. I’ve seen ever-increasing need within membership bodies to accelerate growth, create additional diversity and to be relevant within challenging and fast-changing political, social and economic landscapes, and explored these.

I now want to explore the level of impact a leader, who truly cares about their team, has on their organisation. Whether it be professional development, or simply showing a level of compassion or promoting inclusivity, this invariably results in stronger retention levels, increased loyalty, higher performance and a happier working environment.

Five ways to be a good leader

Here are some ideas:

1. Ensure your team members achievements are acknowledged.
It works, whether directly or when possible to the wider team and organisation. We all want to feel appreciated and, when we are, our wellbeing, sense of belonging and loyalty increases. An easy way of doing this is for leaders to block out 20 minutes on a Friday afternoon to email around and appreciate everyone that’s done a job for them. Finishing off the working week feeling appreciated and valued will have your staff coming in on Monday with energy and enthusiasm. Simply, gratitude goes a long way!

2. Development opportunities?
Maybe you don’t have the budget to provide additional training, but what else can you provide to help someone with their development? Sometimes it can be as simple as providing flexible working options, so your staff can explore other professional or personal development opportunities. Peridot is proud of our evolved and mature working culture, which has resulted in great appreciation for the culture we have and the ability to have a meaningful work-life balance.

3. Kindness leads to creativity.
When people feel more engaged, appreciated and have stronger bonds with their senior leaders, they will naturally be more open and have the confidence and allow their creativity to flourish without judgement. Often, I hear leaders complain about wishing their teams would demonstrate high levels of innovation, but you first need to create an environment where people feel safe and truly listened to.

4. Good mental health.
Improving wellbeing can feel overwhelming. Peridot recently undertook a team workshop exploring ‘happiness as a life and work skill’, and we have gained some great tools to deal with stress and anxiety. Peridot also undertakes optional mediation sessions on Tuesday mornings, before the day starts which helps reduce anxiety and clears the mind. As a result of these processes, we appreciate that our organisation truly cares for our wellbeing.

5. How well do you know your team?
There is plenty of evidence to show that building work-related social bonds results in increased organisational loyalty. These can range from planned away days to last-minute team lunches. When you build such bonds, you’ll find that your teams will naturally be less competitive with one another and more cooperative and supportive. Forbes recently published some interesting reading on 5 Reasons Social Connections Can Enhance Your Employee Wellness Program.

“My belief is that leadership is about giving people the space and opportunity to put forward their ideas and empower them to own their ideas.”

“Peridot were very positive, very clear, very transparent. I found James Hunt in his role was tremendously supportive in the sense of giving me feedback at each stage, letting me know what was going on, what the process was going be. I think it was all I could ask for in that sense.”

James Thorne, appointed as CEO, The Institute of Quarrying

Somebody said that true leadership is about how well you support others to thrive. Do you want to recruit good leaders for your membership organisation?

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