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Registrar and Head of Administration Cambridge Muslim College

Are you an experienced academic administration professional who can lead Cambridge Muslim College’s professional services, embed best practice, and continue the development of multi-skilled teams to support their core administrative activities?

  • Location: Cambridge
  • Salary: £70,000

Who we are

Cambridge Muslim College was established in 2009 to develop Muslim faith leadership. Its mission is to provide world-class education, training and research that is rooted in the rich intellectual heritage of Islamic civilization and responsive to the ideas and circumstances of the modern world. We currently offer a full-time BA in Islamic Studies validated by the Open University, a Diploma in Contextual Islamic Studies and Leadership and an online Diploma in Islamic Psychology.

About the role

The Registrar and Head of Administration (hereafter “the Registrar”) is a key member of the College’s senior leadership team and will organise the administrative and operational support for the activities of the College, under the direction of the Chief Executive.

The post holder will be responsible for the continually improving effectiveness, efficiency and quality of the processes and services provided by the College administration, to deliver an excellent student experience in line with the College’s strategy.

To support the work of the registry and administration functions of the College, the Registrar will manage the Buildings and Facilities Manager and HR Manager, as well as a team of officers supporting the BA Programme, Diplomas, Admissions and Welfare, and an Administrative Support Co-ordinator.

Registrar responsibilities:

The Registrar will lead on harmonising all core activities at the College through the development and implementation of a multi-year academic calendar and effective Registry systems, policies and procedures.

The Registrar will lead the coordination and supervision of the full student lifecycle from enquiries, applications and enrolment, through to academic record management and awarding of degrees and diplomas, leading on services that support student success.

The Registrar will liaise with the College’s validating partner, the Open University, and ensure the College is up-to-date and compliant with all institutional licenses, accreditations, and validations.

The Registrar’s key responsibilities include:

  • Management of all policies, processes and operations relating to student administration.
  • Ensuring effective business processes for record-keeping, registration and scheduling of courses and programmes.
  • Development of IT and other systems that support accurate data recording and analysis that will enhance registry, teaching and learning.
  • Management of student recruitment, applications, and offers.
  • Work closely with the Chief Executive and Quality Assurance Manager to oversee correct application of policies and procedures in relation to quality assurance and regulation.
  • Manage and maintain student records, online learning platforms and institutional licenses and accreditations.
  • Submit statutory and regulatory returns.

Head of Administration responsibilities:

The post holder will be expected to continually improve the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of the processes and services provided by the College administration in line with the College’s strategy and the need to deliver an excellent student experience.

The post holder will assume responsibility for the College’s overall state of health regarding information keeping, regulatory compliance in academics, workplaces, facilities, health and safety and other matters. The Registrar will manage different day-to-day operations, with oversight of the College’s administrative functions and staff.

Key administrative responsibilities include:

  • Acting as the principal administrative point of contact for the College.
  • Oversee the Human Resources Manager to ensure all HR policies, processes and systems are implemented and up-to-date.
  • Oversee the Buildings and Facilities Manager’s management of the College’s premises and ensure all rooms are maintained to a standard expected for a modern teaching environment.
  • Manage contractual relationships with key service providers and other suppliers.
  • Manage and ensure the effective handling, storage, security and backup of knowledge and information in compliance with GDPR.
  • Ensure all statutory policies are up-to-date.

Who we are looking for

Cambridge Muslim College

As a senior leader with responsibility for the College’s core administrative functions, the College is seeking a highly qualified and experienced leader of higher education registry and academic administration functions as their next Registrar and Head of Administration.

Educated to Masters’ level (e.g. MBA) or with equivalent professional experience, candidates must demonstrate a successful track record of leadership in higher education academic or registry services across one or more of the core functions within the Registrar’s portfolio.

Candidates must bring a thorough knowledge of UK higher education and experience working in a complex university or higher education setting and adapt this experience and learning to lead the development and implementation of a professionalised registry and administrative function at the College.

Candidates will be capable of managing, motivating and developing multi-skilled and diverse teams, with an ability to successfully manage multiple projects and delegate responsibilities as required. Ideally, candidates will bring significant experience of leading on the strategic planning of the academic administrative lifecycle and have the ability to establish a multi-year institutional calendar that covers all the core activities of the College’s activities, in collaboration with the SLT and academic faculty.

Candidates should bring knowledge of overseeing internal and external regulation and compliance processes and an understanding of how to embed best practice into all academic administrative, student services and data processing activities.

You must be able to contribute as a strong, dynamic leader of strategy, people and processes, with excellent planning skills and well-developed analytical and problem-solving abilities.

You must be able to deliver strategic goals through the implementation of measurable KPIs and the regular appraisal of individual and team performance against these targets.

Candidates must role model the values that underpin Cambridge Muslim College as an academic institution striving for excellence and for the success of its current and future students. As a representative of the College to a range of external partners and stakeholders, you will be at all times professional and expert in your area.

As a senior leader within an educational institution that has students on site most days during term time, candidates should expect to be a visible presence and will need to work on-site at least 3 days per week.


Cambridge Muslim College offers a range of benefits to employees including generous annual leave entitlement, free lunch on site, free car parking for staff, and opportunities to participate in a wide range of events and training.

For further information about the role, or to arrange a confidential discussion, please contact our advising consultants at Peridot Partners:

Dr Sophie Carney | sophie@peridotpartners.co.uk | 07399 528307

If you would like to know more about this role please contact Sophie Brand

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Welcome from the Chief Executive

Dear candidate,

Please let me thank you sincerely for your interest in becoming our Registrar and Head of Administration.

This is an exciting time to join Cambridge Muslim College. Within the past three years, we have grown from teaching nine students within a single building to running three major academic programmes for over sixty students in a multi-building campus. Through our online learning platform and continuing education programmes, we engage a large audience from across the world and have garnered a great deal of positive interest in the College’s work and approach.

The role of the Registrar is a crucial part of our strategic plan for the future. Working closely with the Chief Executive and the Academic and Development Directors, the Registrar plays a key role in ensuring effective coordination, cooperation and collegiality throughout the College. Skill and confidence across interrelated leadership, managerial, planning and administrative spheres are needed as the Registrar will provide business, human resource and senior administrative expertise in order to facilitate the realisation of the College’s vision, goals, strategy, core principles and values and to create the optimal student experience.

We are a unique, collegial, and warm organisation that often feels like a family while at the same time being a source of inspiration and fulfilment that flows from the important and transformational work that we do. As we strengthen the College’s professionalisation and achieve sustainable growth, we aim to retain the feeling of a small, values-driven and community-oriented charity whilst providing internationally benchmarked, accredited and transformational Islamic education. That sense is felt in the engaging values-based staff development programme that we implement across the College, as well as in the open sense of community that we foster.

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone dynamic and experienced in higher education leadership or administration to build on the tremendous success to date and take us forward into the next phase of development. If you’re an experienced leader with the skills to provide strategic planning, the positive and pro-active management of people, resources and infrastructure and the development of the College’s administrative and business functions — all the while maintaining staff confidentiality, building trust and maintaining morale — then we’d love to hear from you We are especially looking for someone experienced in forecasting and planning several years ahead and developing and implementing a multi-year academic calendar based upon the College’s strategy and a college-wide interdepartmental calendar that will harmonise all College functions.

We are also looking for someone who can demonstrate a strong commitment to our values and can bring emotional intelligence and leadership behaviours to the role. We seek a future-focused Registrar who is expert and comfortable in higher education leadership, management and administration and who can — whilst concentrating simultaneously on tasks, teams and individuals — maintain an empowering, solution-focused environment for colleagues that ensures effective, positive and trust-based working relationships at all levels.

Thank you again for your interest in Cambridge Muslim College. We look forward to hearing from you.

Professor Joel Hayward
Chief Executive

About Cambridge Muslim College

At Cambridge Muslim College we have developed a new model of Muslim thought leadership that brings together the best of Islamic tradition and Western intellectual scholarship to engage with the circumstances of the modern world.

This endeavour is critical due to the false perception that these two traditions are at loggerheads with each other. This then results in societal and spiritual problems that existing Muslim leadership is ill-equipped to address.

Leveraging the best of both, we are raising the standard of scholarship, the quality of pastoral leadership, and continuing the spirit of synthesis that our religion encourages and is historically known for.

We achieve this via our academic programmes, research and continuing education programmes.

Academic Programmes

We combine the best of classical Islamic scholarship and the British academic standard in our certified programmes:

  • BA (Hons) in Islamic Studies
  • Diploma in Contextual Islamic Studies and Leadership
  • Diploma in Islamic Psychology


We produce high-level research that develops authentic and relevant Islamic answers to the most important questions and problems facing the modern world. Our research makes substantial contributions within academia, while also being beneficial to the public.

Continuing Education

We strive to make our scholarship accessible to everyone. Our programmes are available to the public, both in-person and online.  Developed with experts, we currently offer a diverse range of lectures, courses, workshops, tours and retreats that continue to meet the educational needs of our global audiences.

Our Impact

In the past decade. we have garnered a track record of sending students back into their communities who embody our new model of thought leadership. With over 120 alumni spread across the UK and the world, our graduates are working as imams, chaplains, therapists, civil servants, teachers, artists, and even police officers.

We have demonstrated that engagement with the Islamic tradition in today’s world is possible. We’ve inspired and encouraged people to recognise that our tradition can be engaged with our contemporary needs.

With a growing number of supporters from diverse sections of the community, we are a success alhamdulillah – and we’ve only just begun.

Work Culture and Environment

Cambridge Muslim College is situated on the edge of the city centre.  The campus comprises of three buildings which include a period and modern premises.  The College is at an exciting time in its development with an ambitious strategy being implemented by a highly committed and professional staff.  We provide a supportive working environment where our staff can reach their full potential whilst maintaining a healthy work/life balance.  We encourage them to take up opportunities for their professional and spiritual development and also to make the most of the College events programme and online material.

Our Vision

A world where the sacred Islamic tradition is seen as a viable pathway for addressing the challenges of the modern world.


To develop and disseminate Muslim thought leadership through world-class education, training and research based on a dialogue between Islamic tradition and the circumstances of the modern world.


The College holds the view that the Islamic tradition calls for nurturing the mind, body, spirit and heart. While we strive for the highest academic standards, we also aspire to embody the moral and spiritual excellence exemplified by the Prophet, peace be upon him.

Our core values are:

Balance – We take a holistic approach that considers the body, mind, and spirit in all that we do.

Collaboration – We work with a diverse range of people and include multiple voices aligned with our mission in order to maximise impact.

Courage – We assert that courage is required to deliver our unique mission and needed to generate new and innovative approaches.

Uprightness – We strive to do what is ethically right in all situations.

Inquisitiveness – We are reflexive and reflective in our approach to being a learning organisation.

Learn more about Cambridge Muslim College

CMC organisational structure

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    Closing date: 9 a.m. Friday 9th February 2024

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