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Trustees Walk the Walk

Join the board of Walk the Walk and grow the power of walking to fund cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment.

  • Location: Woking
  • Salary: Unremunerated with reasonable expenses paid
  • Closing date: Rolling applications

“Walk the Walk is a charity dedicated to raising money and awareness for vital breast and other cancer causes, and to encourage women, men and children to be more active, to recognise this as an important part of life and cancer prevention, and to realise their own potential for achieving good health and well-being.”

Who we are

Walk the Walk specialises in all things walking. They create large capacity events, as well as smaller niche challenges across the UK and globally.

With research now showing that 27% of breast cancers could be avoided with changes to lifestyle, and by being more active, the charity is committed to encouraging women, men and children to realise the potential that everyone has for good health and well-being, just by putting one foot in front of another.

Walk the Walk’s first event – the iconic MoonWalk – was created by founder Nina Barough CBE in 1998 and now takes place in London, Scotland, and Iceland.

Walk the Walk also organises treks on ancient pilgrim routes such as the Camino in Spain and the Inca Trail in Peru. For those wanting to test themselves with speed, they take teams to events such as the New York City Marathon.

Whether people are only just discovering the beauty of walking or looking for an ultra-challenge, Walk the Walk has options for them. Along with creating challenges, Walk the Walk also provides the advice required to complete their events — from training plans, advice on clothing, shoes, and kit, as well as nutrition and safety.

What we do with our funds.

Since 1998, Walk the Walk has raised over £140 million through its MoonWalk and other events and used these funds for causes that undertake groundbreaking research, diagnosis, and the treatment of cancer.

At the heart of Walk the Walk, are three key missions:

  1. Invest in research that shapes the ways in which breast cancer is not only diagnosed but also treated. Walk the Walk has funded an excess of £34 million towards breast cancer research including some groundbreaking research that has helped to advance the diagnosis process of breast cancer all the way through to treatment. Currently, our investment in research is less, but still invested in secondary cancers.
  2. Drive awareness of the need for integrated care and help provide emotional and physical support for those living with cancer. Allowing people to live well during treatment and beyond their cancer diagnosis is part of a positive cancer journey. Walk the Walk has helped ‘integrated cancer care’ to become more widely accepted, and still funds specific care projects across the UK.
  3. Empower positive lifestyle choices. Encouraging women, men, and children to be aware of their choices in relation to lifestyle and their own potential for good health and well-being. Communicating the growing scientific proof that being more active can support prevention. Also growing awareness of the fact that regular checking, leads to early detection and better outcomes. Walk the Walk is continually raising awareness that ‘anyone can get breast cancer’ which followed their Men Get Breast Cancer Too Campaign.

Walk the Walk invests funds in work that can achieve the most good including health, education, research, treatment, and care.

As research and knowledge develop our understanding of breast cancer and overall health, Walk the Walk has followed. Investing funds where they know it can make a difference whether it be for their projects or to support other charities and organisations.

By specialising in all types of walking, Walk the Walk is not only encouraging participants to join their events and fundraise, they can promote a wider message to the public on the importance of being active — now recognised as key to prevention against not only breast cancer but all diseases. Walking can be the first step to awakening the potential that everyone has to increase their overall health and wellbeing.

Walk the Walk’s vision has always been to raise as much funding as they can and use this to support both their work in promoting health and, through grants, to assist like-minded charities and organisations that need their help. To directly support people’s health, to make a difference in the emotional and physical care available for those living with cancer, and to actively promote the choice of lifestyle options that can support the prevention of all diseases. When Walk the Walk can, it is also committed to supporting the overall advancements of research into breast cancer.

Who we are looking for


Someone working in the field of cancer with frontline experience regarding treatment and the impact of this on the people Walk the Walk support. We are open to all levels of medical experience — doctor, nurse, research. Our main requirement is a passion for Walk the Walk’s aims and an interest in sharing an understanding of frontline cancer treatment and its impact on people.

They are also looking to build a board that represents the diversity of our society. We encourage people from diverse and different backgrounds to get in touch. We also encourage first-time Trustees with commercial but not charitable board experience to apply.

Time Commitment

The board meets four times a year (9:30am-2pm) and the individuals need to commit to these meetings as well as offering strategic guidance and relevant connections, where possible, to support the growth of Walk the Walk. The commitment is anticipated to be an average of one day per month overall.

For further information about the role, or to arrange a confidential discussion, please contact our advising consultants at Peridot Partners:

Marie McQuade | marie@peridotpartners.co.uk | 07903 442646

Ellen Norwood | ellen@peridotpartners.co.uk | 07944 354762

If you would like to know more about this role please contact Marie McQuade

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Welcome from Nina Barough CBE, Founder and Chief Executive of Walk the Walk Worldwide

Walk the Walk was born 27 years ago and yet the story of how it all began still captivates. Almost half a million women, men and children have taken on a challenge and over £140 million has been raised — all because of a dream.

In 1996, I had a dream to power walk the New York City Marathon in a bra to raise money for breast cancer. I knew nothing about breast cancer or anyone with it and I had never fundraised, and certainly never had the desire to take on a marathon. This dream came at a time when cancer was the ‘C’ word, it was not spoken about in public, and women certainly did not walk in the streets in their bras to raise awareness.

The idea sounded fun and gathering a small group of 13 very brave women I took on this one-time challenge. Looking for people to sponsor and support this intrepid group I approached celebrities and Paul Smith and Mary Quant were amongst the first to decorate a bra and show their support.

The Marathon was a huge success for the girls, and we raised £25,000. But only a few weeks after returning from New York, and due to my heightened awareness, I detected a lump in my own breast and was then diagnosed with breast cancer. To this day I am very aware that had it not been for the ‘dream’, I would never have found the lump or suspected that it could be a cancerous tumour. Throughout my entire treatment I kept walking as I found it kept me mentally positive and physically fit which helped me to recover from my treatment.

Being a healthy and fit 41-year-old, people were shocked at my diagnosis. I took the decision to share the journey though cancer with many people not knowing how to support me, so the obvious way seemed to be to take on another walking challenge.

This time it was the London Marathon. If New York was the catalyst for Walk the Walk as a charity, it was London that became the catalyst for the now iconic MoonWalk, the first challenge of its kind. This again meant to be a one-off fundraising event, however, the Charity has just celebrated 25 years of MoonWalking and successfully raised to date more than £140 million!

Accessibility information

We understand that different members of the community have different access needs and have made some modifications to the way we do business to accommodate people from diverse communities and abilities. We offer the following amenities:

  • Step-free access to the building, all key meeting rooms and bathrooms, and an accessible workstation.
  • Accessibility dogs are welcome.
  • Interviews can be held in meeting rooms that support hearing loops.
  • Papers and materials can be presented in different formats.
  • A sign language interpreter can be accessed for interviews.
  • Working patterns and locations can be adjusted.

Applicants with a disability are invited to contact us in confidence at any point during the recruitment process to discuss steps that could be taken to overcome operational difficulties presented by the role, or if any adjustments or support are required regarding the recruitment process.

For further information or to organise a conversation, please contact our advising consultants at Peridot Partners:

Marie McQuade | marie@peridotpartners.co.uk | 07903 442646

Ellen Norwood | ellen@peridotpartners.co.uk | 07944 354762

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    Please ensure that your application is emailed to response@peridotpartners.co.uk inserting “Walk the Walk – Trustees” into the subject field.

    For further information about the role, or to arrange a confidential discussion, please contact our advising consultants at Peridot Partners:

    Marie McQuade | marie@peridotpartners.co.uk | 07903 442646

    Ellen Norwood | ellen@peridotpartners.co.uk | 07944 354762

    As a sector-leading executive search consultancy, we know the importance of creating recruitment processes which are fair, inclusive and free from bias. We are committed to promoting equality and diversity and developing a process that values differences.

    If you have a disability that meets the definition set out in the Equality Act 2010, and you can show that you meet the ‘essential’ criteria described in the person specification, please let us know.

    If you experience any technical or accessibility difficulties, need help making an application, or have any additional support needs to be considered as part of the interview and selection process, please let us know.

    Recruitment selection processes are based on evidence of competence stated in the person specification and in relation to our values.

    This is a rolling application recruitment process. We are moving to interview as soon as we receive enough suitable interest, and we will be in touch as soon as possible regarding the next steps.

    Equal Opportunities Monitoring

    Peridot and Walk the Walk are committed to promoting equality and diversity. To help us raise awareness and support a culture that is diverse and recognises and develops the potential of all, we need to appreciate the profile of candidates who apply for positions. We will send you an equality monitoring survey at the point of receiving your application, in the interview phase and at the time of placement. This ensures that our processes remain inclusive and equitable throughout, and provides us with important data to help us showcase our impact. The information will be treated confidentially and anonymously and will help us to support our commitment to fair recruitment practice. All information provided will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be shared with anyone, in line with the new Data Protection Act 2018 launched on 25 May 2018. The information provided does not form part of the decision-making process and will not affect your application.

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