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Head of Events and Supporter Engagement (maternity cover) | Hospice UK

Hospice UK

Would you like the opportunity to work for the hospice movement on a national scale, running Hospice UK’s events and supporter engagement programmes? Be part of a charity movement that raises, collectively, over £1b pa, more than any of the large charities.

  • Location: London
  • Salary: £50,349 plus excellent benefits

About the role

We are looking for an interim Head of Events and Supporter Engagement (maternity cover) who understands supporter engagement, collaborating with major donors and corporate partners whilst connecting these donors to new ways of supporting Hospice UK.

Hospice UK is primed and ready to develop stronger relationships with our supporters through integrated collaborative fundraising. We will do this by creating new opportunities to engage with existing supporters and providing them with interesting and innovative ways of to get involved.

Your opportunities within this role are:

  • Leading the team of five, developing and delivering our events and individual giving programme
  • Oversee major events including the planning for the bi-annual gala dinner in May 2021 and the London Marathon
  • Being an important member of the fundraising senior leadership team
  • Collaborating with major giving and corporate development teams to maximise donor experience and support.
  • The opportunity to develop new supporter journeys stemming from our events, major donor and corporate connections.
  • Implementing a new legacy strategy recently developed through consultation.
  • Build on our In Mem and Payroll Giving supporter journeys.

Using all of the above, you will deliver and develop our integrated and comprehensive strategy to build on the success of current events and maximise supporter engagement activity.

This is a maternity cover role starting at the beginning of March 2020, which will include a two week hand over with our current Head of Events and Supporter Engagement. The role will run for up to a year and has a two month notice period.

To arrange a confidential discussion, please contact our recruitment consultants  at Peridot Partners:

Paul Fennelly | paul@peridotpartners.co.uk | 07538 893995

Paul Fennelly - Fundraising Recruitment Peridot Partners

If you would like to know more about this role please contact Paul Fennelly

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Dear Candidate,

Thank you for your interest in the role of Head of Events and Supporter Engagement at Hospice UK.

This is a key role for the organisation at an exciting time in our development as we deliver on our five-year strategy to transform hospice care in the UK.

The aim of this role is to maximise our supporter engagement and experience through collaboration with other fundraising departments. A significant part of our existing support comes through corporate relationships and engagement. Many individuals remain connected with Hospice UK and want to develop how else they can support in the future. We need someone who understands how to create fantastic donor journeys, so the supporter feels proud of their efforts and wants to continue their association with Hospice UK.

In almost every community across the UK, local hospices are delivering some of the very best care available to people as they approach the end of life or for children with life-limiting conditions. However, demand for hospice care is growing fast, driven by Britain’s ageing population and an increasing number of older people living with complex care needs, as well as young people living for longer with life-limiting conditions.

Hospice UK plays an important national role in equipping hospices with the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to support their local communities and to work in partnership with other care providers to extend their reach. Equally important are the roles we play in championing hospice and palliative care, giving the sector a collective voice and generating new income streams that can benefit both local hospices and Hospice UK as the national charity for hospice care.

The fundraising environment remains challenging so in order to grow we must build stronger relationships with our existing supporters and gain new ones. The person appointed to this role will need experience and expertise in developing events and wider donor engagement. Events are at the centre of this role, specifically our challenge and special events, so you will need to specialise in events, with a good understanding of major donor and corporate fundraising. You will need to be a strong leader, empowering the team to develop their events and supporter engagement to increase income and grow our supporter base.

If we are to reach our vision of hospice care for every person in need, then we must have a solid foundation with sustainable income streams for hospice care and a compelling case for support that will offer a wide range of opportunities to support Hospice UK for individual supporters. This role will play a pivotal part in helping us to achieve that.

We very much hope you will want to join us.

With best wishes,

Catherine Bosworth
Director of Income Generation

About Hospice UK

Hospice UK is the national charity for hospice and palliative care. We work to ensure all adults and children living with a terminal or life-shortening illness receive the care and support they need, when they need it.

Our vision is hospice care for every person in need.

We believe that everyone, no matter who they are, where they are or why they are ill, should receive the best possible care at the end of their life. No one should die in avoidable pain or suffering.

Our mission is to enable hospice care to transform the way society cares for the dying and those around them.

To empower individuals, communities and populations to embrace the ethos of hospice care and extend its breadth and reach to improve everyone’s experience of death, dying and bereavement.

Who we are

We champion and support the work of more than 200 member organisations, which provide hospice care across the UK, so that they can deliver the highest quality of care to people with terminal or life-limiting conditions, and support their families.

Increasingly, hospice care is provided outside of hospice buildings. Hospice teams work in a wide range of settings – local charitable hospices; nursing homes; hospitals – and the vast majority of hospice care is provided in peoples’ homes.

Hospice UK supports the breadth, dynamism and flexibility of modern hospice care by: influencing Government and decision makers; improving quality of care through sharing of good practice; and providing training, education and grant programmes.

We work collaboratively with our members to support their vital work and to create a stronger voice for hospice care in the UK. We also support the development of hospice and palliative care worldwide.

Our strategy

Our ambitious strategy is the blueprint for how we can achieve the transformation that is needed and sets out the following four strategic goals that will be driving our work over the next five years:

  1. Extend our reach and enable hospice quality care to be delivered in any setting.
  2. Tackle inequality and widen access to hospice care.
  3. Work with communities to build capacity and resilience to care for those at the end of life.
  4. Empower a strong, dynamic and responsive hospice sector.

“Hospice care aims to affirm life and death. It means working with and within local communities to tailor palliative care around the needs of each adult and child with a terminal or life-shortening condition, whatever that may be, and extends to supporting their carers, friends and family before and after bereavement. Hospice care is provided by multi-disciplinary teams of staff and volunteers who offer expert support that places equal emphasis on someone’s clinical, physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs with the understanding that everyone will be different.”

Our definition of hospice care

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Thank you for your interest in the interim Head of Events and Supporter Engagement role at Hospice UK. Please send your latest CV and download the Job Description, Supporting Statement and the equalities form.

Please submit a CV and a completed personal statement form (two A4 pages) and equalities form and ensure that your application is emailed to response@peridotpartners.co.uk inserting “Head of Events and Supporter Engagement, Hospice UK” into the subject field.

Hospice UK is an Equal Opportunities employer and encourages applications from candidates regardless of age, sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, religion or belief, marital/civil partnership status, or pregnancy and maternity.

For more information on this vacancy or you have any questions, please contact:

Paul Fennelly | 07538 893995 | paul@peridotpartners.co.uk




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