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Head of Asset Management | Inspire Partnership Academy Trust

Supporting school leaders to provide safe and inspiring places for children to learn and ensuring they gain access to best value for money resources, our Head of Asset Management will lead all aspects of procurement, health and safety and regulatory compliance, capital projects and policy.

  • Location: Central London office
  • Salary: £55,000 - £60,000

About the role

As the Inspire Partnership Academy Trust develops further, we need to gain greater levels of value for money from our suppliers to maximise our expenditure on teaching, learning and school improvement. Our children deserve access to the very highest quality of teaching and resources and we aim to provide them with opportunities to learn in environments conducive to this.

Our Head of Asset Management will take overall responsibility for purchasing and procurement across the Trust. They will work closely with both the Central Leadership Team and school leaders to assess what resources are required to deliver an exceptional experience for children and develop frameworks and tender specifications to achieve the very best value for money. There are several projects which we have already identified which will benefit both staff and children, but through applying your own experience of working in a similar role we expect you to identify more.

Leading on compliance and policy, specifically relating to health and safety duties, we need the person appointed to review our existing testing and reporting procedures and further develop these across our schools – ensuring that everyone is equipped with the appropriate level of knowledge relevant to their role, and everyone takes responsibility.

Through regional teams of estates and facilities staff, our Head of Asset Management will lead through a matrix structure – developing professional standards for our employees to work to, and leadership support for those who require it. Through our specialist regional teams you will monitor the assets of the Trust, the condition of our estate and lead on capital programmes and projects to improve it.

Who we are looking for

This is a new leadership role within the Inspire Partnership Academy Trust and will enable the Central Leadership Team to deliver greater efficiencies and financial improvements across our schools through working in partnership with school leaders and senior colleagues in both finance and HR functions.

With a need to centralise procurement, tendering and purchasing so schools can benefit, we require someone who can bring experience of designing specifications and working with public procurement frameworks. Whilst the sector you come from may be different, it is crucial that you take seriously your role in advancing educational opportunities for children through the appropriate expenditure of the Trust’s funds.

Leading our policy and compliance work around health and safety, you will bring knowledge and experience of the successful application of HSE guidance and associated legislation for employers. If you have not yet worked in a school environment, then you will need to demonstrate your ability to get up to speed with, and be responsible for, statutory guidance specifically for our sector. There is nothing more important to us than the safety of our children and staff.

As our lead on organisation wide system implementation and capital projects, we need you to apply your experience of managing programmes of development – to both time and budget. Through our regional estates and facilities teams, you will have the necessary experience to add value to their professional practice and provide supportive and enabling strategic direction to operational managers.

For more information and to apply, please fill out the ‘How to apply’ section and get in touch with our Education Practice Manager & EA, Laura Burchett (laura@peridotpartners.co.uk), to arrange a conversation with the lead consultant.

Closing date: 12pm, Monday 29th March 2021

Education recruitment with Drew Richardson-Walsh

If you would like to know more about this role please contact Drew Richardson-Walsh

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About Inspire Partnership Academy Trust

Our staff and children place no limits on learning, and our schools are inspiring places to learn.

The Inspire Partnership is a multi-academy trust consisting of nine primary schools across Greenwich, Medway and Croydon. We have established a reputation for highly innovative practice that significantly improves both educational provision and outcomes.

Our aim is to transform the lives of children and we believe the best way to achieve this is through relationships and collaboration. We celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of our schools but believe together, we are stronger. Our staff and children place no limits on learning, and our schools are inspiring places to learn.

In 2013, the partnership was formed from three primary schools in Greenwich. We established a common curriculum framework, a suite of professional development training and networks of excellence shared between our staff. This included policies, planning materials and school improvement tools.

Within two years, all three schools had improved provision and outcomes for pupils and were judged to be good or outstanding by Ofsted and Challenge Partners. The partnership had established a mature framework for school-to-school support programmes, delivered both locally and across the country.

The Inspire Partnership became a multi academy trust in 2017, one of four partnerships granted permission to create a charitable Trust in Greenwich.

In 2017 we were invited by Medway to support Maundene and then Elaine primary schools, both underperforming with declining standards and pupil outcomes way below national expectations. Within a year, each school had joined the Trust having demonstrated rapid improvement.

In 2021, we are now at the point of starting a new journey with four additional schools having joined the Trust. Delce Academy joined us in March 2020, followed in April 2020 by Forest Academy, West Thornton Academy and Woodside Primary School – all from Croydon.

Now a family of nine schools, we are writing a new chapter, serving new communities, and bringing our schools together as one family across three regional hubs.

Our mission to transform children’s lives through partnership and collaboration comes from a desire to create a coalition for change in all of our schools, building a legacy where pupils are able to fulfil their true potential as learners.

At the Trust’s inception, we recognised each of our founding schools required an alternative approach to improvement which focused more on relationships, connectedness, and inter-disciplinary approaches to learning. This is why collaboration is central to our mission. It binds schools together as communities, reminding us that we exist in the People Age. The emphasis on transformation exists because our schools have all required rapid systemic improvement in practice.

Partnership and collaboration apply both to how students learn best but also how school communities   become stronger. For example, when children are taught how to work together collaboratively, success is measured through interaction, engagement, and relationships.

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    Closing date: 12pm, Monday 29th March 2021
    Interview: Wednesday 14th April 2021

    Please note that whilst Peridot Partners have been retained by Inspire Partnership to manage the search element of this recruitment campaign, the Trust will be managing the interview and selection stages.

    Equal Opportunities Monitoring

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