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Join Myeloma UK's Executive Leadership Team as Director of Fundraising to help shape their overall strategies, goals, priorities and outcomes to make myeloma history and give every patient an empowered present and a hopeful future. You will bring experience of high-value fundraising from major donors, corporates and trusts and a proven track record of delivering fundraising strategies.

  • Location: We are looking for candidates across the UK. The Myeloma UK offices are based in Edinburgh as is the fundraising team so remote working is possible, with national travel.
  • Salary: £65,000 - £75,000, depending on experience

Overall purpose

Reporting to the Chief Executive, the Director of Fundraising will provide leadership and oversee the development, management and implementation of the funding strategy.

The Director of Fundraising will be a member of the Executive Leadership Team who will collectively support the Chief Executive with the implementing of the strategic plan, business planning processes and the management of an innovative portfolio of services.

This role will work particularly closely with the Director of Marketing and Communications to enable the teams to work in an integrated way and strategically aligned to the key messages. The interdependence of the two functions will be critical to success.

Key accountabilities


  • Lead on the long and short term direction and delivery of the funding strategy, ensuring the team meet income targets, KPIs and outcomes, in order to ensure the financial sustainability of Myeloma UK’s services and research programmes
  • Ensure plans are in place to develop and deliver new donor acquisition through case for support and retention/activation of existing donors through creative engagement via our database
  • Be responsible for budget preparation within income generation financial frameworks to ensure income and expenditure objectives are met, monitoring and forecasting appropriately, in conjunction with the Director of Finance and Operations
  • Work as a member of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) shaping the overall Myeloma UK strategies, goals, priorities and outcomes and reporting progress to Board
  • Embed the organisation’s defined core behaviours and values and ensure the implementation of an ethical, transparent and patient-centric approach to programmes

Team Management

  • Provide inspirational direction and leadership to the team, acting as a coach and mentor, to ensure they are highly motivated and developed, ensuring appropriate personal development plans are in place
  • Ensure an appropriate team structure with the right skills is in place for the successful delivery of departmental goals
  • Develop team capacity and competence through performance appraisal and coaching, on-the-job development and, where cost effective and appropriate, focused external training.
  • Provide measurable objectives, performance appraisal and coaching, and where cost effective and appropriate, focussed external training

Stakeholder Management

  • Work collaboratively internally and externally to maximise the impact on Myeloma UK
  • Attend national and international meetings and conferences to ensure Myeloma UK is fully informed and developing innovative solutions
  • Establish and steward relationships/partnerships with leading funders including individuals, grants, trusts and statutory bodies
  • Work closely with all stakeholders to help build effective and persuasive cases for financial support and income generation, in relation to our major programmes and from high level donors

For more information on the role, please contact Simon Callaghan, Director – Fundraising Appointments on simon@peridotpartners.co.uk or 07702 678 658.

Closing date: 9am, Monday 5th April 2021

Peridot's Director of Fundraising with Simon Callaghan

If you would like to know more about this role please contact Simon Callaghan

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Welcome from Laura Kerby, Chief Executive

Thank you for your interest in Myeloma UK. I’m thrilled that you are considering applying to be our new Director of Fundraising.

Myeloma UK invests in driving better patient outcomes through a comprehensive early diagnosis programme, cutting-edge research, sector-leading treatment access, award-winning information and support programmes, and pioneering healthcare services improvement. Our community consists of the 24,000 people living with the incurable blood cancer myeloma, as well as those with related conditions including MGUS (a non-cancerous condition that can increase the chance of developing myeloma), smouldering myeloma (an early form of myeloma) and AL amyloidosis (a rare build-up of protein occasionally associated with myeloma). Including our patients with related conditions, the population we represent is over 63,000 people.

I joined the charity in April 2020 and have been struck by the quality and dedication of our staff, the positive impact Myeloma UK has on the lives of patients and their families, as well as the opportunities ahead for us to do more for our beneficiaries.

Our long-term ambition is to make myeloma history, but we recognise that is a challenging process. As we work to that ambition, we are committed to providing every patient with an empowered present and a hopeful future. This is where our fundraising comes in – simply put the more we raise the more we can do for patients.

Our current income is c£4.8m. The pandemic has presented challenges, but with a lot of hard work our teams have delivered on budget. We’re in a good position financially, with appropriate levels of reserves, so there is a sound platform from which to build. We have ambitious plans and are prepared to invest to get us there.

We’re interested in taking some risks and disrupting the norm. As an organisation, we’re guilty of falling into certain habits and behaviours and we’re ready to have our thinking challenged on operational fundraising activity and to move into a new and creative way of working. The role will lead, motivate and empower our fundraising team, building a new level of confidence and ambition. We want to try things, innovate, fail quickly if necessary, and use that learning to move forward. We need to know more about our supporters, and to use that knowledge to inform decision making. The Director of Fundraising is likely to bring a background in trusts, major donor or corporate fundraising, although an understanding of the full fundraising mix including regular giving and mass market would be beneficial. It’s also likely that they’ll have fundraised for a health, medical or social welfare charity in the past, although we’re open to other sectors. Applicants may currently be a Director elsewhere, but we can also support the professional development of an experienced senior fundraiser looking for their first Directorship.

My teams are made up of confident individuals, but we are never arrogant. We’re committed to ensuring that patients receive more effective treatments, enjoy better outcomes, and have more years with a life they love. A positive, empowering culture is important to us, and we like to have fun along the way.

Thank you for your interest in Myeloma UK, and I hope to meet you at interview stage.

Laura Kerby
Chief Executive

About Myeloma UK

Our long-term ambition

Make myeloma history

Our purpose

To give every patient an empowered present and a hopeful future.


As a cancer charity, COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our community. Myeloma patients are ten times more likely than a member of the general public to catch a virus such as COVID-19 and, because of the way their cancer develops and is treated, are categorised as extremely clinically vulnerable. The pandemic continues to impact how over 40% of our patients can receive treatment and the type of treatment they can have, and every patient has had to accept changes to the way they connect with their clinical teams and the way they live their lives.

We have reviewed our strategy in the light of these significant additional pressures on our community and re-set our strategic priorities. This will enable to address the serious emerging concerns of:

  • Delayed diagnosis of new myeloma patients, and the impact of that delay on their clinical outcomes
  • A shortfall in cancer research funding
  • Geographical inequalities in provision of treatment and care
  • Pressure on the NHS and on health policy design and delivery

Our strategy and work

Diagnose myeloma earlier

We will accelerate work on earlier detection and diagnosis to make the greatest impact on the length and quality of life for myeloma patients and those with related conditions.

  • The Myeloma UK Early Diagnosis programme identifies and addresses barriers to earlier diagnosis
  • The Myeloma UK Early Diagnosis Working Groups develop tools and education materials to speed up detection, referral and diagnosis at GP-level
  • We will establish the Myeloma UK Early Diagnosis Research Programme to better understand how myeloma develops and identify patients at risk

Discover and share knowledge

We will drive scientific breakthrough into the cause and treatment of myeloma and related conditions to increase patient survival and improve patient experience.

  • Myeloma UK funds translational research at the ICR to accelerate the development of personalised medicine to myeloma patients
  • Myeloma UK funds the UKMRA Myeloma UK Concept & Access Research Programme (CARP) to create new clinical trials and give patients early access to novel treatments
  • Myeloma UK supports the development of future research leaders by funding a Clinical Research Fellowship at the University of Leeds and the development of our early care research programme, fostering interest in myeloma as a focus of future research
  • Myeloma UK drives insight into patient data through our registry project, enabling better insight and evidencing of patient need and changes to policy, treatment and care
  • Myeloma UK’s Health Service Research identifies unmet need and patient preferences to inform change in healthcare policy and delivery

Transform the patient experience

We will partner with patients to understand and meet their needs and build equal care for all.

  • Myeloma UK puts patient need and experience at the heart of drug appraisals to make sure that patients can access new treatments
  • Myeloma UK drives excellence in patient-centred hospital care through our Clinical Services Excellence Programme (CSEP)
  • The Myeloma UK Myeloma Academy and Myeloma Nurse Learning Programme educate healthcare professionals to ensure that patients receive the best care informed by the latest learnings
  • Myeloma UK has the most comprehensive library of patient information on myeloma and related conditions, helping patients to understand and be in control of their decision-making
  • Myeloma UK offers specialist, tailored support to the whole myeloma community through our Myeloma Infoline and Ask the Nurse email service
  • Myeloma UK delivers a range of digital and physical events, directly connecting patients and families to expert analysis, advice and support
  • Myeloma UK partners patients to provide a UK-wide network of Support Groups, reducing isolation and offering friendship to the whole myeloma community
  • Myeloma UK will establish a volunteer peer to peer support service to bring together shared patient experiences and practical tips for living with myeloma and related conditions

Influence positive change in care

We will give a voice to patients and ensure that myeloma is not considered a second-class cancer.

  • Myeloma UK works to shape government policy across the four UK nations to recognise the needs of patients with myeloma and related conditions and create positive change
  • The Myeloma UK Advocacy Panel ensures patients speak directly to decision makers in NICE and government
  • The Myeloma UK Patient and Carer Research Panel integrates patient need into research design and policy development
  • Myeloma UK’s Healthcare Advocacy Service programmes drive improvements in clinical practice and patient-centred care
  • Myeloma UK works with colleagues and stakeholders who share our vision for myeloma and blood cancer care and are committed to delivering positive change for patients

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    Thank you for your interest in this role.

    Please download the Recruitment Pack and complete the Equality Monitoring Form

    For more information on the role, please contact Simon Callaghan at Peridot Partners, our recruitment consultants: simon@peridotpartners.co.uk | 07702 678 658.

    Please submit a CV and supporting statement (maximum two sides of A4) that clearly outlines your suitability for the role against the criteria provided in the role profile. Please include your interest and motivation in applying for this position.

    Please ensure that your application is emailed to response@peridotpartners.co.uk inserting “Director of Fundraising – Myeloma UK” into the subject field.


    Closing date: 9am, Monday 5th April 2021
    First interview: 9am – 1pm, Wednesday 14th April & 12noon – 5pm, Thursday 15 April 2021
    Final panel: 10:30am – 16:30pm, Thursday 29th April 2021

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