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Chair St Michael’s Hospice Hastings & Rother

St Michael’s Hospice supports the community of Hastings and Rother to live well with dying, death and loss. Could you be our new Chair?

  • Location: Hastings, East Sussex
  • Salary: Unremunerated with reasonable expenses.
  • Closing date: 9 a.m. Monday 8th July


A kind, resilient and empowered community that is ready, willing, capable and confident to support people living with dying, death and loss.


To support and enable the community of Hastings and Rother to live well with dying, death and loss.


The role of the Chair.

The Chair and the Board hold the CEO to account for the Charity’s purpose, values and strategic priorities. You will provide collaborative leadership of the Board of Trustees, ensuring that each Trustee fulfils their duties and responsibilities for the effective governance of the charity.

You will also support and, where appropriate, challenge the CEO on the performance of the leadership team, ensuring that the Board functions as a unit and works closely with the leadership team for the Charity to achieve agreed objectives. You will also act as an ambassador and the public face of the Charity in partnership with the CEO.

As the Chair, you will be expected to meet regularly with the Chief Executive and also represent the charity at various events and meetings with key stakeholders.

You will provide leadership to the Charity and its Board, ensuring that the Charity has maximum impact on its beneficiaries and with Trustees, to hold the Hospice ‘in trust’ for current and future beneficiaries by:

  • Ensuring the Hospice has a clear vision, mission and strategic direction and is focused on achieving these.
  • Being responsible for the performance of the Hospice, including its clinical outcomes, and for its ‘corporate’ behaviour
  • Ensuring that the Hospice complies with all legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Acting as guardian of the Hospice’s assets, both tangible and intangible, taking all due care over their security, deployment and proper application and to act to ensure its long-term sustainability.
  • Ensuring that the Hospice’s governance is of the highest possible standard.

It is a particularly exciting time to join St Michael’s as Chair because we are creating a new hospice building and launching a capital campaign to support this.

Some parts of our Hospice building date back to 1860 and have undergone extensions, refurbishments and improvements to enable it to provide services to patients and families whilst being a pleasant working environment. However, this has left us with a legacy of complicated plumping, insufficient control of heating, poor ventilation, leaking windows and poor energy efficiency. Whilst our current building is safe and patients’ comfort optimised, it is increasingly difficult to create the environment we want for patients and families. Also, as the Hospice continues to grow and evolve the high-quality care and support, we offer to our community, we need a building that is fit for purpose and enables us to develop well into the future. For that reason, the Board of Trustees has agreed that we will build a new Hospice.

We have commissioned heritage advice and arboriculture surveys to provide guidance on what the possible constraints of the current site may be. We have also commissioned a feasibility study to understand the potential of fundraising. Thanks to careful diligence we have healthy reserves that we will be able to allocate to initiate the work, but nevertheless, we expect to have to raise somewhere in the region of £10 million. It is likely that the project could take up to six years.

Through this new hospice building, we’ll be setting out to create an environment fit for the future that enables us to expand and develop our services whilst providing patients and families with an environment that is beautiful, comforting, welcoming and supports them to live well with dying, death, and loss. It will be a space that will enable us to do our best work. It will be a building fit for the future – our future hospice.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for someone with significant board and governance experience within similarly scaled organisations, and an understanding of Charity Commission legal responsibilities and public director roles. You will also need to have a commitment to the Hospice’s values, aims, and objectives is crucial, along with a genuine interest in its work. You must possess strong emotional intelligence and facilitation skills to create a safe environment for sharing views and making evidence-based decisions. Tact, diplomacy, effective listening, and engagement are vital.

As a confident ambassador, you will network well, build rapport, and guide organisations through change and transition. Qualities including leading high-performing boards, inspiring and empowering teams, managing capital projects, financial governance, strategic change experience, and knowledge of palliative care services are desirable.

For further information about the role, or to arrange a confidential discussion, please contact our advising consultants at Peridot Partners:

Marie McQuade | marie@peridotpartners.co.uk | 07903 442646

Lucy Mavers | lucy@peridotpartners.co.uk | 07947 935068

If you would like to know more about this role please contact Marie McQuade

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Welcome from the Chair

Thank you very much for your interest in becoming the next Chair at St Michael’s Hospice. I have the pleasure of enclosing some further information which I hope will help to inform your decision about whether you would like to progress your application.

I have been privileged to be the Chair of the Hospice for the last four years, a role which I have found both inspiring and rewarding. However, I have decided to step down later in 2024 and hence our search for a new Chairperson.

The new Chair will be joining the Hospice at the start of a new exciting era. To enable our organisation to grow and evolve the high-quality care and support we offer to our community, the Board of Trustees has agreed that we need to embark on the project of building a new St Michael’s Hospice.

In addition, the Chair will join a compassionate, inclusive and innovative organisation that is well-supported by its community. Based in a beautiful location, St Michael’s Hospice has been supporting a population of over 186,000 for more than 35 years. Our high-quality specialist palliative and end-of-life care focuses on enabling people with advanced, serious, life-limiting illnesses, across Hastings and Rother to live as fully as possible until they die.

The Hospice’s model of care places the emphasis on enabling communities to support people to live well with dying, death and

loss. In 2022/23 we created our new strategy that has a dual focus on excellence in clinical service provision and community development.

We are committed to working in collaboration, both within a Sussex-wide collaborative and more locally with our neighbouring hospice in East Sussex (Eastbourne) with whom we successfully share three out of five Directors (Medical, Clinical Services and Finance & Facilities). A key requirement of the new Chair is a commitment to supporting and furthering this collaboration.

For the right individual, this is a unique opportunity to influence the end-of-life experience for patients, families and our wider community, at scale. They will play a pivotal role in leading the Hospice through significant change and I hope that you will feel inspired to be part of it.

Susan Munroe
Chair of St Michael’s Hospice

About St Michael’s Hospice

Established in 1987, St. Michael’s Hospice is an independent charity providing high-quality, holistic, specialist palliative and end-of-life care to people living with serious, advanced, life-limiting illness, and their families, including in bereavement, across Hastings and Rother. Supporting approximately 1,700 people per year, the Hospice interdisciplinary team, with support from trained volunteers offers:

  • Specialist symptom control – to keep patients as comfortable and well as possible.
  • Holistic emotional, social, spiritual and practical support – to make sense of and cope with living with or supporting someone with a life-limiting illness.
  • Rehabilitation – to optimise patients’ independence and participation in activities meaningful to them.
  • A 24/7 in-patient nursing service for patients and families.
  • Specialist Palliative Care Community Outreach Service.
  • A 24/7 specialist palliative care telephone support line.
  • Respectful and effective working with other relevant primary, secondary, tertiary and social care providers to ensure maximum continuity and seamless support for patients. nearing the end of life and their families.
  • Support for people to be cared for in their preferred place of care, whenever possible and in line with their needs.
  • Expert bereavement support to anyone in Hastings and Rother irrespective of whether they have been connected to the Hospice or not.

We have an ambitious strategy; to become a centre of excellence for palliative care provision, education and research and to create a compassionate community which supports each other in dying, death and loss. We believe that our community is rich in assets and that with engagement, education, influence and support from the Hospice, these can be harnessed to impact better end of life for all. We have adopted and are embedding a public health approach to palliative care. This innovative approach is founded on principles of partnership and collaboration with the people we serve and those closest to them, our generalist palliative care partners, with neighbourhoods, community organisations and with civic institutions. We see the future of St Michael’s Hospice as an influencer and that through investment in community development, we have a unique vehicle to shape both the dialogue and experience of dying, death and loss in our communities.

The ethos of one united team extends to all areas of the Hospice and is key to our strategy; working together, with the support of our incredible team of nearly 180 employees and over 450 volunteers, to achieve our vision and mission.

Within our compassionate community, our seven Hospice shops have an integral role to play in being the “face” of the Hospice in local neighbourhoods and whilst generating income, also enable the community to connect to the Hospice and with each other.

Our Lottery Collectors are already playing a significant role in connecting people with the Hospice and reducing social isolation across our catchment areas.

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    For further information about the role, or to arrange a confidential discussion, please contact our advising consultants at Peridot Partners:

    Marie McQuade | marie@peridotpartners.co.uk | 07903 442646

    Lucy Mavers | lucy@peridotpartners.co.uk | 07947 935068

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    If you experience any technical or accessibility difficulties, need help making an application, or have any additional support that needs to be considered as part of the interview and selection process, please let us know.

    Recruitment selection processes are based on evidence of competence stated in the person specification and in relation to our values.


    Closing date: 9 a.m. Monday 8th July 2024
    Stakeholder Engagement & Interviews: Thursday 25th July 2024

    Equal Opportunities Monitoring

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