In July 2020, having grown staff numbers by over 50% in the previous year, Peridot’s leadership team gave our staff an anonymous platform on which to express their opinions. Developing a better understanding of employees’ current perceptions as well as their needs and wants is really important to us.

The danger in asking for feedback is that without action, employees will feel that their opinions don’t matter. To avoid this and ensure that this opportunity to listen, engage, and enhance the lives of our staff is maximised, our staff will co-create the changes they want to make and have a role in delivering change.

90% of employees agree that they are very satisfied with their jobs*

We talk the talk, but do we walk the walk?

I want to share our process to inspire others, and to demonstrate that we are transparent, accountable and committed to advancing our practice.

We assessed 15 key areas, with space at the end of the survey for open-ended feedback. Areas for feedback included the leadership team, interpersonal relationships and how people felt about respect, fairness, resources, communication, performance management, accountability, and the extent to which employees felt they had opportunities for growth and development. We also tailored questions around the company values, personal expression, and feelings towards work/life balance.

“I feel personally driven to help Peridot Partners succeed in transforming leadership and inspiring societal change”

Strongly agree 70% | Agree 20%

Neither agree or disagree 10%

Disagree 0% | Strongly disagree 0%*

Celebrating the wins

Our results show that our employees feel their work is challenging, stimulating, and rewarding. Teamwork is at the heart, and our employees relate to and support our core purpose and values.

Relationships with senior management are meaningful, with leaders perceived as competent professionals with a genuine interest in employee ideas, feedback, and job satisfaction.

Staff feel that they are respected by managers, that their talents are appreciated, and there is care and gratitude for their contributions. They feel that they can challenge managers without fear of retribution and freely express their opinion.

When asked about work/life balance, employees feel that their managers recognise and respect different priorities in life and understand the benefits of maintaining a healthy balance between work and life.

90% of employees agree that they feel a strong sense of belonging to Peridot Partners*

So, what’s next?

We have created five working groups based on the areas of improvement identified, and our staff self-selected which ones mattered most for them to be involved in:

  • Improving feedback to staff.
  • Developing greater accountability for performance.
  • Connecting the business in more ways to more staff.
  • Communicating our ambition more effectively.
  • Supporting our sectors better through volunteering.

Each group has now met and came up with 3 key actions that can improve how we operate and suggest new practices and ideas.

The ideas and recommendations have been taken from each working group and the Leadership Team are meeting in late September to agree on the key priorities and implementation plan.

“I would recommend my workplace to friends and family”

Strongly agree 55% | Agree 45%

Neither agree or disagree 0%

Disagree 0% | Strongly disagree 0%*

*based on an 86.95% response rate to the survey