Interview by Georgina Combes, Partner, Within People

Grant Taylor, Founder and Managing Director of Peridot Partners, talks to Georgina Combes about how culture helps you grow your business.

“Surely you can’t do your best at work if you aren’t happy with how you work or how you’re asked to work” says Grant as if it’s a no-brainer. And when you put it like that, it is.

Grant founded his business Peridot Partners out of discontent with the status quo of working life at most recruitment agencies. It was a reaction to the competitive and controlling ‘quest for profit at all costs culture of the industry. So, he set out to create a working environment that was the antithesis of what he’d experienced.

He feels very strongly about it, clearly role-modelling the behaviours he expects of his colleagues to encourage them to believe in and live the culture too. This includes making time for your passions, which for Grant is karate and athletics.

Flexible working, empowering culture and recruitment with a conscience

In the Peridot Partners culture, no one does typical office hours, everyone is treated with equal respect, there’s zero politics and people have both freedom and responsibility. It’s very professional too. Everyone in the business regardless of their role has a real sense of its importance, they understand the role they have in maintaining high standards

Creating this culture where people can be themselves, enjoy their lives, build skills, and work in the most appropriate way for clients has been an asset in growing the business as well as growing the people within.

Grant says, “our consultants are not given a prescribed service offer to ‘sell’ or a rate card that dictates pricing. They are encouraged to listen to clients and think about how they can design the most relevant process to add maximum value. This is neither easy or natural for most recruiters in the industry, so our people develop into the best type of consultants; those who truly listen.”

Competitive advantage through transparency

Clients and team members have gravitated towards Peridot Partners because of the way in which they do business. Honesty, openness and being values-led is a competitive advantage for them. It’s also clear that they love supporting the growth of candidates throughout and beyond the recruitment process. It’s about relationships and loving what you do, not transactions and financial targets.

One example Grant shares to explain how Peridot is different was a charity client looking for a new Chief Executive. The charity helps to transform opportunities for young people, so Peridot proposed that the beneficiaries should be the ones running the interview process. The client agreed and so Grant and his team spent half a day sharing their expertise in recruitment with a group of young people and preparing them for the interview process.

This creative approach was a resounding success both in finding the right leader who got a taster for the charity’s work through the process, and for the confidence boost and experience it gave to the young people.

What makes Grant confident in using the company’s culture to grow? “I’m confident as I know it’s right and I know it works. Through creating an environment people want to work in and the experience we provide as a recruiter we can truly change people’s lives and careers.”

Within People believes there is a direct connection between the culture of an organisation and growth. In 2017 we spoke to our clients and the wider global business community to uncover how leaders use clarity, belief and confidence to build the businesses they love to lead. Find out more and read the insight report here.