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Values-led recruitment of executive professionals and leaders in housing who make a positive difference to your organisation.

Recruiting passionate and decisive leaders in the housing sector. We work with brilliant organisations to recruit people who inspire change.

Recruit housing leaders

The U.K. is facing a housing an ongoing housing crisis. There are 1.5 million people on housing waiting lists while it’s estimated that as many as 5,000 sleep rough on any one night in England. Shelter estimates up to 300,000 are currently homeless or living in insecure accommodation.

Housing Associations and other social and sheltered housing providers are at the forefront of meeting these challenges alongside providing affordable social housing for young people, older people with support needs and people with learning or physical disabilities.

We recognise that Housing Associations have a core social purpose to support those in need, ensuring strong communities and empowering individuals to lead healthy, happy and secure lives. We’re here to help diversify and extend your candidate leadership pools to ensure you have flexible and resilient leaders to meet these increasing social demands.

Values-led recruitment expertly tailored to your needs.

We pride ourselves on working with organisations that have a social purpose and social housing providers are the epitome of that. A home is fundamental in enabling people to build their lives in a safe and secure environment as well as giving them a sense of belonging.

We work in partnership with housing providers to achieve their recruitment aims. This could be to help further diversify your board and/or organisation, help you find talented people with specialist skills from outside the sector or the rising stars in the housing sector.

Our selected track record

We are proud to have worked with a number of housing organisations on their executive and non-executive appointments. Here we have outlined just some of the incredible organisations we have worked with:

Executive Placements


Yarrow Housing – Chief Executive

Stonewall Housing – Chief Executive

Anchor Hanover Group – Executive Director of Operations

Nacro – Director of Housing & Wellbeing and Director of Education and Skills

ExtraCare – Executive Director of Operations

Foundation – Chief Executive

Services for Independent Living – Chief Executive

Single Homeless Project – Director of Finance & Corporate Services

Non-Executive Placements


Railway Housing Association – Housing Trustee

Nacro – Trustees x5, Governors x3

Unite Foundation – Trustees x4

SULets – Chair and Trustees

Family Mosaic (now part of Peabody) – Chair: Independent Scrutiny Panel

P3 – Multiple board members

Action Homeless – Chair

Notting Hill Genesis – Non-Executive Director

“From sourcing the candidates to providing comprehensive administrative and organisational support around the interview process, Peridot’s calm and professional service allowed us to finish the recruitment exercise with exactly the right person for the post. Peridot are nice people to do business with, and I would recommend their service to anyone needing to fill a senior vacancy.”

Director of Business Information, Family Mosaic Housing Association on the appointment of Chair of Resident Scrutiny Panel

Our Process

  1. The Proposal

Should you wish to explore partnering with Peridot to manage your search and selection campaign, we will produce a full and comprehensive proposal outlining our methodology, experience, track record, fee structure, additional costs, and terms.

  1. Briefing Meetings

Once commissioned by our client, following approval of our comprehensive proposal of works, we undertake briefings to fully understand the role(s) we are recruiting and the culture of the organisation they will be joining.

  1. Search

We manage our search over a pre-agreed period, with weekly progress reports submitted to the client detailing market feedback about the role, market perception of the client, and any challenges being faced by your consultants at Peridot.

We build a dedicated microsite and candidate pack for each recruitment campaign so prospective candidates can access information relating to the vacancy at their convenience.

You should expect us to oversee a substantial search of executive leaders, non-executive portfolio holders, and strategic consultants with relevant skills and experience to suit your specific requirements.

  1. Selection & Assessment

Once we reach the application deadline, your recruitment team review all applications against your role profile criteria and author a sift report, categorising candidates into those recommended for interview, and those not.

We support you in structuring the assessment and selection days, as well as writing assessment activities and questions if you require this.

We attend the interviews and act as advisors to the panel so that a full offer can be made to selected candidates, and those who are not selected can be provided with developmental feedback regarding their performance during their interview.

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