Executive recruitment can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. With rapidly changing markets and new innovations, roles are more diverse than ever before. In some cases, there may only be a handful of individuals with the potential to fill a position.

Finding potentially suitable candidates can be time-consuming and challenging. Executive search takes a quality-over-quantity approach – the success of which is driven at every step by research.


3 reasons why research leads to solid foundations

1. Getting to know the client is key.

A good executive search firm will seek to understand your market and offer guidance on areas such as job description design and salary levels. They should understand the values of your business, how you would like your new hire to fit within the culture of your organisation and the key issues that you face.

A research-led approach provides key market insights which may not be readily available, along with candidate expectations and realistic comparisons to similar roles and organisations.

This consultative approach results in an understanding of what you need and where you are willing to compromise in your person specification, leading to more meaningful conversations with potential applicants.

2. A targeted search.

There is more to the search than just approaching candidates about a job. Throughout the entire process, a methodical and intensive approach helps to produce, attract, qualify and prepare a high-quality target list.

This doesn’t just mean finding people already in similar roles. It also means identifying and supporting potential candidates ready to take the next step in their careers. Executive search qualifies and quantifies the knowledge and experience of the candidate to help them to put themselves in the best possible position.

Research also helps seek out passive candidates; the ones who are not scouring job boards, but who we can inspire about an opportunity they may not have considered before.

Overall, a good executive search firm is an ambassador for their partners, aligning their approach to find the right match and new talent, whilst making the client and the opportunity more visible across the sector.

Our networks of specialised contacts are valued highly, not just to gain referrals of potential matches for our search but also to heighten our expertise of the sectors that we support and allow us to maintain and expand our knowledge.

This process is specialised and generates high-quality leads over high-volume.

3. Realising the impact.

We invest time in getting to know potential candidates to ensure their values match yours, and work with them to understand your objectives so that they too can be excited by the opportunity. It is through in-depth discussions with potential applicants that we find those with the all-round qualities and abilities to match your requirements. By doing this, we can arm you with more than just a CV to determine your shortlist.

Research also supports our candidates to prepare to face the interview panel. Our understanding of your requirements means that we can brief the candidates more effectively. Before an application is made, we talk salary and benefits, work location, commute, family or other commitments.

We are client-led and candidate-focused – careful to balance the expectations of our partners and the wellbeing of our candidates to ensure a positive experience all round.

For Peridot, research is the golden thread that runs through our processes. It is the key to securing the right person to succeed in the role and enables us to be confident in the service that we provide to our clients and the wider sectors which they support.

Katy Lennon is a Principal Consultant within Apprenticeships and Training Appointments. With a wealth of experience gained over the course of her 18 year career to date, Katy has experience of both sides of the fence having started as a Customer Service Apprentice, through to holding a number of posts at Director level. Combined with her strong understanding of both quality and operations, Katy offers a credible yet impartial perspective on the recruitment process. You can connect with Katy on Linkedin, or send her an email.