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Executive recruitment with values

Peridot has been in business since 2009. It’s a business we’re immensely proud of.

Our values reflect the types of organisations that we work with. Innovative charities, progressive social enterprises, and educational institutions that are transforming the education landscape. When you work with us, it feels like a real partnership – collaborative, yet at the same time challenging and honest.

We focus on leadership and recruiting brilliant leaders. From executive and non-executive appointments to transformational development services like board audits, and chair and trustee development.

We’re not actively searching for people to join our team at the moment. However, if you are values-led and share our integrity, ethics and commitment to quality, you can always contact us. There’s no harm in letting us know you’re interested in joining our business, so why not make us a proposition that will challenge us to think again?

At the heart of our business are people. We know that people are complex and different, so we are ultra-inclusive and offer flexibility, excellent benefits and the opportunity to join a close knit and ambitious team.

You’re not a number here. We’ll never forget that you’re a living breathing person with interests, commitments, and life challenges like the rest of us. It’s important to us that Peridot is a place you can be your authentic self and enjoy your work.

If you think that Peridot could be the place for you, then drop Grant Taylor our Managing Director a message at Grant@peridotpartners.co.uk.

Working at Peridot

Meet our people and find out why we love what we do.

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