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Diversity in recruitment

Why is diversity important to what we do?

Diversity is crucial to the success and reputation of what we do and the organisations and people we work with.

We support equal opportunities in employment and oppose all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, ethnic or national origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

We don’t just make equality statements, and we are proud to embrace diversity and lead by example within our values-led company.

Our staff represent our commitment to diversity, including individuals with different age groups, gender, BAME, LGBT and disability. We also know that we need to do better and to keep ensuring that our workforce reflects diversity of people and thought.

We believe our approach to diversity enriches our internal and external relationships, as well as enhancing the knowledge and experience we bring to our clients’ recruitment and retention issues.

Organisations need to be representative of the people, communities and causes they represent. We live in a multicultural and diverse society that faces unique complex, dynamic issues.

We understand that many of the issues around improving diversity are intersectional and no single thing will solve the problem.

‘It’s not going to be good enough to ask a few peers within your network, or post only to one or two job boards and then wonder why this does not attract diverse candidates. You need to be proactive, strategic and set yourself some goals as to how you are going to make your organisation more diverse’.

Read the rest of Bilgin’s blog on diversity and recruitment on the ACEVO website.

Bilgin Yuksel

Encouraging diversity in our workplace: small changes but big impact

Student union recruitment with Bill Yuksel

We understand the barriers to recruiting a diverse workforce.  We operate flexibly to empower and support our staff, firmly believing that it enriches internal and external relationships, and enhances the knowledge and experience we bring to our clients’ recruitment and retention issues. All of our staff have the opportunity to work part-time or from home on a regular basis as this helps them balance their family life.

Bilgin Yuksel, our Associate Business Manager says: “I have severe dysgraphia (an autism spectrum disorder which affects the ability to write). Working in an environment where I write business critical documents, proposals and communications, had the potential to cause great stress for me.

The Peridot team have supported and empowered me to continue to write such documents by taking time to proof read and, more importantly, by understanding that any mistakes made are not due to a lack of effort or negligence. This has built my confidence and has seen me take on the responsibilities for handling critical external communications in external proposal documents as well as writing sector-wide publications.”

Recruiting a diverse talent pool

We support our clients to achieve an inclusive workforce by making diverse appointments. We recognise that greater diversity goes hand in hand with greater innovation. We are experienced in supporting our clients to create open and inclusive recruitment processes that encourage a greater diversity.

Our team have developed an exceptional diversity network, which has been built through their involvement in delivering projects where diversity has been a core consideration:

  • By delivering frontline and strategic diversity and inclusion projects within the sectors they previously worked in
  • Having direct experience of facing discrimination due to their own diversity strands.

Our understanding and experience provides a strong base for attracting candidates from diverse groups, and our team have experience in leading proactive searches to secure highly credible diverse talent.

We also have experience in recruiting posts such as Head of Race Relations and Head of Equalities for government departments and Directors of Diversity and Inclusion for commercial, regional and charitable organisations.

“I joined Peridot Partners after returning to work after maternity leave. The level of flexibility and understanding Peridot has given me has been phenomenal. They have enabled me to balance my home and work commitments and provided support through the transition back to work.

They were able to offer me a four day a week role and the opportunity to work from home two days a week, which I haven’t seen in many other consultancies. The flexibility in working patterns has been tremendously important to me and my family and has allowed me to continue my career whilst being a working mum.”

Annie Regan-Tighe, Business Manager – Fundraising Appointments

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