One thing I’ve said before in my blog ‘Overcoming imposter syndrome: changing sectors‘ and will say again is how important it is for all of us to share our stories. When we face challenges in life – whether big or small – it can be easy to feel like we are all alone. Sharing what we have been through and how we got through it can make such a positive difference to those who are going through something similar.

Global’s Make Some Noise is a charity with storytelling at its heart. Using the power of radio, this organisation gives a voice (in addition to grants and skills development) to small charities that are making a positive difference in their communities.

Through gathering and sharing stories about how small charities have supported people when facing a wide range of challenges – such as mental health concerns; disability; bereavement; isolation; illness, and many others – Global’s Make Some Noise both helps others who are dealing with similar challenges feel less alone and also highlights the incredible work small charities are doing in their communities.

As someone who believes in the power of storytelling, I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak with Suzanne Ryder Richardson to learn more about Global’s Make Some Noise and their work.

Could you please tell us a bit about you and your role?

I have the lovely title of Director, Global Goodness. My role is responsible for supporting the ‘Goodness’ (social impact) agenda at Global – the collective of charitable and CSR initiatives – which includes running Global’s Make Some Noise and supporting Global with leveraging the power of their platforms for wider good. The annual Global Goodness report provides an overview of the wonderful work Global delivers in this space.

How would you describe Global’s Make Some Noise to someone who’s never heard of it?

Global’s Make Some Noise is the in-house grant-making charity of Global, the media and entertainment group. We harness the assets of Global to raise funds, awareness, and skills for small charities, reaching the people who need their support most in their communities, thereby tackling a wide range of issues and changing lives across the UK.

We believe everyone deserves to feel safe, feel well, feel included and feel prepared, so we work across four key areas:

What is unique about Global’s Make Some Noise compared with other charities?

Global’s Make Some Noise benefits from the incredible power of Global’s Platforms; on-air, on Global Player and Outdoor – through these platforms combined, over 51 million individuals are reached across the UK every week.

We leverage the power of these platforms to raise awareness and raise funds for small charities all over the UK. We don’t stop there though – we also run training and development programmes for small charities, leaning into the expertise of Globallers across a variety of areas including marketing and storytelling. This ensures that our support will continue well after our grant.

We also use our platforms to let our audiences know they are not alone, no matter what they might be facing. By telling the stories of the charities we support, we highlight issues affecting lives across the UK.

Another point that comes to mind is that we work across the UK, by funding projects delivered by small, local charities embedded in the communities that they are supporting, our support truly reaches the heart of local communities.

Why would someone donate to Global’s Make Some Noise (GMSN) over other causes?

Donating to GMSN allows donors to support a wide range of issues facing our society today, often just around the corner from them. The size of our audience and reach means that a small donation to GMSN can meaningfully be split across a number of different projects for maximum impact.

According to recent research, there are over 170,000 charities in the UK – 96% of which are small charities – yet small charities receive just 4% of fundraising income. These charities are an absolute lifeline in their local communities – including food banks, mental health helplines, homeless shelters, domestic abuse refuges, youth clubs, carer support and more – yet many people don’t even know they exist until they need their services.

At GMSN, we are so proud to be able to use the power of Global’s platforms to provide vital funding, vital awareness raising and vital training for small charities operating at the heart of communities all over the UK.

As we support small charities, many of whom have founders with lived experience of the issue they are addressing, it means that they have invaluable insight into how the funds can create the biggest impact and can be agile in directing funds to where they are needed most.

What, if anything, might surprise people to learn about Global’s Make Some Noise? Are there any behind-the-scenes stories you can share?

We’re always looking for ways to raise as much money and awareness as possible for the charities we support. This year that involved Heart Breakfast’s Amanda Holden delivering a live broadcast from the top of the Blackpool tower flag pole (more people have been to the moon!), Classic FM’s Alexander Armstrong singing to penguins as part of a fundraising musical voyage, Trolls Band Together dance challenges with our partner Universal, Radio X’s Chris Moyles pubcast smashing over £1million since it started (from fundraising over a few pints!) and so much more.

What sort of grants does GMSN give and to whom? How much does GMSN give away each year?

We actively support 100 charities a year. Last year we funded crucial work at charities across the country, granting over £2.5m. This financial support will change more than 24,000 lives in the UK, with thousands more family members indirectly benefitting.

Anything else you’d like to share?

We’re always looking for partners to support our mission to help us change even more lives across the UK.  We’re entering our 10th year as a charity and are excited to hear from anyone who might be interested in getting involved with our mission to help change the lives of even more people across the UK and to celebrate that together across Global’s incredible platforms.

Thank you so much again to Suzanne Ryder Richardson for her willingness to share more about Global’s Make Some Noise with us and others.

To learn more about Global’s Make Some Noise and their work, please visit their website or follow them on social media:

  • Instagram – @globals_make_some_noise
  • tiktok – @globalsmakesomenoise
  • Facebook – @globalsmakesomenoise

The incredible impact of Global's Make Some Noise

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