Leadership in unprecedented times

As Anne Godfrey’s appointment as the new CEO of GS1 UK is announced, we’re pleased to have played a part in supporting the Chair, Chris Tyas, and the board to recruit such an important role.

Anne arrives at a particularly challenging time given the complexity of the Covid-19 pandemic and her experience of leading through the challenge of change will be an undoubted asset as GS1 UK navigates through these unprecedented times.

Mitigating risk in the CEO recruitment process

As we worked with Chris and the key stakeholders at GS1 UK, it was clear that the final stages of our selection process needed to adapt as the situation unfolded.

Working closely with Chris and other panel members, we ensured careful stewardship of the candidates and were able to configure a final selection stage that afforded a degree of flexibility. This meant we maintained continuity and ensured the panel still had the confidence in a rigorous process.

GS1 UK needed the security of making the appointment to ensure a timely transition from the retiring CEO so we needed to complete the process successfully. To have delayed could have had a destabilising effect on the organisation. There was a lot at stake.

Using video conferencing

With national social distancing measures in place, video conferencing has now become indispensable for many businesses and society generally. During this recruitment process, we had to factor in that one of the panel members is a CEO of a large NHS Foundation Trust so we were able to ensure his contribution was made via video-conference.

Given the shortlist included people who were also involved in supply chain and health settings, and their availability to attend in person could have been compromised, we gave them a mechanism to be able to interview remotely if the need arose.

The only constant is change

Preparation and scenario scanning was vital in the lead up to the final interviews. We planned and prepared effectively for the final panel day and offered the opportunity to rehearse and plan question areas – ensuring there was an opportunity for panel members or candidates to join via video-conferencing.

With the Covid-19 crisis developing so rapidly, there was a need for constant communication, updates, reassurance and support which proved absolutely vital.

We were pleased to be able to deliver an exceptional final panel with minimal disruption, optimum participation and, importantly, an experience where both the candidate and client knew there was rigour in the assessment.

We are delighted by the result and wish GS1 UK and Anne every success in delivering for their membership across a range of industry sectors and in local and global settings.

“As the situation with Covid-19 worsened, Peridot found solutions around the many problems in order to ensure everybody could participate safely in the interview process and we reached decisions in exactly the planned timescale.

Despite the most difficult environment I have seen in my 40-year career, Peridot managed the whole process to an excellent standard and enabled us to appoint a high calibre and experienced person.”

Chris Tyas, Chair of the Board, GS1 UK

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