In the world of recruitment, every now and then, a story of impact unfolds, painting a canvas that mirrors the aspirations of a community. Today, we celebrate a holistic journey woven over the past five years in the heart of the United Kingdom – Nottingham.

Chief Executive appointments at the Nottingham Business Improvement District (now known as It’s in Nottingham), Marketing Nottingham and Nottinghamshire and the National Justice Museum have had a large positive impact on the local and regional business landscape, charity sector and local visitor economy. Our continuing work with Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham College also means that our impact extends into the education sector.

Each campaign has enabled us to showcase this wonderful city to unearth its potential and help others look holistically at the whole city. We are proud of the future impact set in motion for Nottingham as a place of opportunity.

Yet, it isn’t the titles or appointments that define us and our contributions. It isn’t just about economic resurgence or social vibrancy. There is a deeper narrative to social impact.

What makes this journey truly rewarding isn’t the destination, but the path trodden. A path adorned by collaborations, partnerships, collective aspirations and the stories told.

All gains that help to uplift small business owners, or create closer communities that are empowered, and every tourist attraction that is enhanced adds a new chapter to the city’s global narrative. Every student taught at in the colleges and universities we have supported sows a seed for these people to become future leaders and innovators.

We are proud of that our impact touches the soul of a city that is as diverse as it is unified, as historical as it is contemporary, as aspiring as it is achieving.

Here’s to Nottingham, as aspiring as it is achieving, and as individual as it is collective.

In the world of recruitment, here at Peridot, we fill vacancies, we celebrate wonderful places, we bridge aspirations, we craft destinies, and we ignite transformative journeys one placement at a time.

Today, we extend an invitation to you to be a part of this transformative journey, where recruitment isn’t a transaction but a partnership, focused on long-term impact, values and success.

I really enjoyed working with Bill on this assignment, we were not sure whether we would attract candidates of the right calibre, so were blown away by the interest, the shortlist and our selected candidate. Couldn’t ask for much more really!

Iain Blatherwick, Chair, Marketing Nottingham

If you would like to learn more about how we could support you, please get in touch with Bill Yuksel, Managing Consultant. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or send Bill an email.