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National Inclusion Week: The Power of Now Culture

National Inclusion Week: The Power of Now


Our Social Impact: six months on from our first report

A hand stacking blocks, that say Belonging, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity. There is a photo of Lexie Sims, the author, is in the corner. Lexie has been photogrpahed from the shoulders up. She is a black woman, with a very friendly smile, wearing a white shirt and a silver necklace. Culture
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Inclusion in the current climate: what’s changed since 2020?

Candidate advice
Dr Jenn Allen, Business Manager, Not for Profit, Peridot Partners

Dr Jenn Allen: Inclusivity & seeing it to become it


Looking back to move forward: Insights into Peridot Partner’s 2021 Staff Survey

Lived experience isn't an optional add-on for your trustee board. Board Recruitment & Development

Lived experience isn’t an optional add-on


Reflecting on the last year and the leadership challenges ahead

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