Understanding your client to find the right candidates gives recruitment a good reputation

With a background in the legal sector, I had no experience in recruitment – let alone executive search and board consulting.

The only time I’d experienced recruitment before was through a consultancy that placed me for a previous job, which gave me a one-sided opinion about the sector’s fast-paced and transactional nature.

My opinion was only from a candidate’s perspective, and I was oblivious to the time and effort that goes into recruitment consultancies building close relationships with their clients.

After working for Peridot for only a short period of time, I saw first hand that diligent recruitment consultancies complete a lot more work with clients in finding the right candidates.

This happens through taking the time to understand the organisation – its culture, people and the tremendous support given to the client throughout the whole end to end recruitment and executive search process.

Supporting the education team and reaping the recruitment rewards through building client relationships

I have learnt already that working closely with clients and candidates is a very rewarding position to undertake.

Being the support to our ever expanding education team, I’m involved in each step of the process and the work that I do ensures that the process runs smoothly. That way, consultants can concentrate on liaising with clients and speaking with candidates to get the very best outcome.

Taking the burden off the client with good recruitment

Even after three months of providing support to the executive and board search process, I look at recruitment consultancies in a completely different light. It’s clear to see clients value the great work we do for them.

I also see that our clients do not have the capacity to find the right candidates as the process can take a huge amount of time.

This is where we can shine and provide excellent customer care to both companies and candidates finding the right person for the job.