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Finding the right trustees to support your organisational goals isn’t easy.

We know that the foundation of a high-performing board is the diversity of skills, knowledge, and people.

Advertising directly is costly with no guarantees of success.

Word of mouth recruitment limits you to people in your networks – likely people with similar backgrounds, experiences, and ideas.

BoardMatch gives you access to many thousands of different people, and their knowledge, skills, and experience, with dedicated support throughout the process.

Find the perfect trustee to support your mission with BoardMatch – the cost-effective solution to board development.

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Become a Trustee

Do you have a driving ambition to give back to charitable causes and your community through joining a board of trustees?

How do you find a new opportunity to join a board when less than 10% of roles are publicly advertised?

Whether you are an experienced trustee or looking for your first board placement, join us to take a positive step towards sharing your knowledge, skills, and experience.

Find the perfect board to support your interests with BoardMatch.

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