There are around 169,000 charities in the UK and over 80% (136,000+) are small, with an income of less than £1m. Many of these charities struggle with attracting modern professional Trustees. It has been reported that there are over 100,000 Trustee vacancies in the UK.

We all know that good governance is fundamental to a charity’s success.

Most charities appreciate the benefits that more diverse, skills-based boards bring to helping an organisation be more impactful and achieve its vision. Whilst many Trustee vacancies are still not advertised, simply moving from personal approaches to advertising is no guarantee of a better outcome.

Running effective recruitment processes to attract the diverse range of skilled Trustees required takes time and investment. It is not quick, and it is not easy. This is why charities like Getting on Board are growing rapidly. Demand for their advice, guidance and services to support charities to recruit more effectively, and to improve the supply of new Trustees to the charity sector, is through the roof.

Recruiters across our industry are also doing fantastic work to attract new Trustees to the charity sector and get them onto Boards. One of the fastest-growing areas of Peridot Partners’ business over the last few years has been in appointing Board Members to charities, educational and healthcare organisations. We also recognise that working with recruiters is a premium option, and often seen as out of reach financially for many small charities.

This will change with the launch of our new service – BoardMatch.

For every successful appointment we make, we are left with several qualified, experienced, and passionate candidates who didn’t get the role. They have already shown their interest in volunteering and are motivated to bring their skills and experience to a charity board. We have seen what they have to offer, and we are inspired to find them a role that is right.

We are approaching making 300 appointments per year to boards and adding many hundreds of people every week to our database through our search processes. This is an extremely rich source of people who are ready to join charity boards. In fact, we have over 80,000 people with management and leadership experience on our database, many of whom are actively seeking Trustee roles. When you add in the networks of our 34 consultants, our social media followers, and our partnerships with organisations like Getting on Board, we have the resources to reach hundreds of thousands of prospective candidates and target the ones that are right for you.

With the launch of BoardMatch, we are helping small charities by leveraging our expertise to develop an effective recruitment campaign and matching them with people we already know. For charities it’s a cost-effective, simple offering that helps us to get more enthusiastic, values-driven people onto boards where they can make a difference.

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