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Candidate advice
Dr Jenn Allen, Business Manager, Not for Profit, Peridot Partners

Dr Jenn Allen: Inclusivity & seeing it to become it

Board Recruitment & Development

BoardMatch: A new service from Peridot

Board Recruitment & Development
Guest Blogger

What’s your favourite part about being a trustee?

Board Recruitment & Development
Guest Blogger

Expert insights: top qualities of an effective trustee

Health & Social Care

World Homeless Day: Reflections on Leadership in the Homeless Sector

Education recruitment with Drew Richardson-Walsh

Anti-racist and diverse recruitment practices in the further education sector


Looking back to move forward: Insights into Peridot Partner’s 2021 Staff Survey

Board Recruitment & Development

Transforming Leadership on Boards: Mental Health Matters (MHM)

Lived experience isn't an optional add-on for your trustee board. Board Recruitment & Development

Lived experience isn’t an optional add-on

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