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Are you ready for your next fundraising role? Candidate advice

How do you know if you’re ready for your next fundraising role?

How to choose an executive coach Executive Recruitment & Development
Guest Blogger

How do you choose an executive coach?

Article from manager to leader - by Stef Hartley for Peridot Recruitment Leadership

How do you move from manager to leader?

Getting a new senior leadership job by Peridot Recruitment Candidate advice

How do you find a new job in senior leadership?


Searching for talent in a competitive higher education market

AI and charities - a robot Artificial Intelligence

Is there a future for humans on charity boards?

Blind recruitment process with orchestra image as example Diversity

Blind recruitment? I don’t see it.

Artificial intelligence in recruitment Artificial Intelligence

AI and unconscious bias – a balancing act

Candidate advice

How to become a charity CEO?

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