It’s often said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

This applies to recruitment!

With the unprecedented challenges facing the NHS, senior executive leaders must be innovative and open to new ways of working to lead a successful arm of the NHS.

Since starting to work with governing bodies of NHS Trusts and Foundations in 2018, we’ve spoken to Chairs and Trustees who are becoming disillusioned with recruitment processes; often encountering recycled applicants and a noticeable lack of diversity.

We’re here to provide a new way to recruit for your NHS Trusts and Foundations.

Traditional recruitment processes can often involve invisible barriers that prevent a broad pool of candidates from applying. Here are five things that you can take action on today:

  1. Watch your language: Ambiguous or loaded language choices can imply barriers that will prevent people from applying. Be clear, concise and don’t use unnecessary power words.
  2. Tell stories through imagery: Showcasing your culture, your diverse workforce and your EDI&B initiatives will make you more appealing to candidates from underrepresented groups.
  3. Focus on candidates ‘skills and capabilities’: Experience-only-based recruitment restricts you to applicants from narrow pools of ‘been there before’ candidates. Focusing on ‘skills and capability’ broadens the pool of potential applicants. Can you widen the definition of what experience you need for a role so that people who have different skills and aptitudes feel able to apply?
  4. Is it essential? Remove “desirable criteria” from your role descriptions. Desirable criteria can add extra barriers that will prevent candidates who don’t meet these criteria from applying.
  5. Support stakeholders: New ways of working can alienate some internal stakeholders with an “if it isn’t broke” mindset — it’s important to have open and transparent communications to facilitate buy-in to the recruitment process.

New ways of working.

Leading the charge in values-led recruitment since 2009, we are experts in designing and delivering open and inclusive recruitment campaigns.

We work closely with partners to understand your needs, and constructively challenge you to consider new ways of working.

We are active in researching broader pools of candidates and provide the support that candidates need to feel confident in applying. We never recycle candidate pools, instead matching the skills and knowledge you need with the motivations for candidates to volunteer their time with you.

We’re honest with candidates about where you are in your EDI journey and the steps you have taken to get there. We create compelling content that showcases your commitment to building a diverse board and encourage those from underrepresented groups to apply by tailoring our processes to suit.

Read more about our commitment to diversity in recruitment.

We have a strong track record of working with organisations to make diverse leadership appointments, and we deliver inclusive recruitment campaigns through a team approach built on a genuine commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion. Over 61% of our appointments are people from underrepresented groups, including 19% who have a registered disability.

Andrew Brown joins our NHS recruitment team.

With over 20 years of experience in executive search across the NHS, public and charity sectors, Andrew has joined Peridot to build our presence and impact in the NHS and wider healthcare sector.

Prior to joining Peridot in 2023, Andrew established and led the executive search and recruitment team of an EDI services company, devising and delivering inclusive recruitment campaigns and partnering with NHS Trusts such as the South East Coast Ambulance Service and Homerton University Hospital.

Andrew’s focus is on devising and delivering inclusive recruitment processes and breaking the mould of the old, traditional experienced-based, candidate recycling recruitment model.

A key driver for Andrew is enabling organisational leadership to become more reflective of the communities they serve. He believes that organisations can reach broader pools of candidates by removing the barriers that stop people from applying and delivering inclusive recruitment campaigns where each candidate has equal equity in the process.

For an informal chat about your recruitment needs, why not send Andrew an email, or you can connect with him on Linkedin.