The Governance Paradox

The Governance Paradox

Charity Trustees – Are they following a trend towards risk averse governance?

Our report: The Governance Paradox  explores how your charity trustee board can become more effective, efficient and innovative.

The report explores these nine charity governance themes with critical thinking for charity trustees and charity CEO’s:

  • Is the current model of charity governance the best one available?
  • Can you separate out fiduciary from strategy and does that distinction work?Charity Trustee Recruitment - Peridot Partners
  • Innovation is difficult without good governance.
  • The sector needs to build its confidence and celebrate its successes.
  • The sector needs to be bold enough to innovate and ‘disrupt’ from within.
  • Impact of technology on creating more effective and efficient trustee boards.
  • The relationship between the executive team and trustees needs to be built on trust.
  • Trusteeship needs to be promoted as a “noble profession”.
  • Diversity on boards is poor.

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Charity Trustee Recruitment

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“What you did do particularly well was enable me to put the words ‘governance’ and ‘exciting’ together.”Cathy Grafton, CEO, The Change Project



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