2nd October 2015

Broken Fuses: Why we are going to rewire charity boards (and how the tech sector can help).

‘Trusteeship’ – the word itself conjures up stale, pale and male images of governance, legal and regulatory updates, compliance and risk analysis. But actually, having served a trustee for over 10 years, firstly for Genesis Housing Group, then for Do-it.org and now for the MS Society, I can assure you that the role is anything but. The 2- 8th of Nov sees the return of the NCVO trustee week and their annual conference. The agenda is full of governance, legal and regulatory updates, compliance and risk analysis.  In the wake of Kids Company all important stuff granted but the agenda appears to completely miss out the really important conversations; How do you get a board ready for the future? How can a board lead an organisation so that it remains relevant to the next generation of supporters and users? How can a board navigate and govern decisions around data, web spend and social media?  Where can a board helpfully direct investment for the best impact in emerging technology products? A lack of brave leadership In May this year, a report entitled The New Reality, claimed that ‘a lack of brave leadership” from chief executives and trustees is holding the sector […]
26th August 2015

Peridot Partners second year of strategic partnership with ACEVO

Peridot is pleased to be continuing as ACEVO’s Strategic Partner for recruitment. ACEVO is a community of charity and social leaders striving to develop their organisations in order to make an impact on the causes they fight for and we believe that effective executive recruitment plays a crucial role in this. Peridot firmly believe that the support ACEVO can offer charity leaders is of critical value to the sector. We have worked with ACEVO to ensure that if you would like to join the network ACEVO will waive their joining fee. ACEVO will support your personal development, your organisation and your organisation’s mission, through the following opportunities: Inspiring the charity and social leaders to be better leaders Learn and develop your skills with leadership mentoring from experienced and respected charity CEOs. Gain exclusive access to a suite of bespoke leader development opportunities such as coaching, personal development consultations and 360° assessments. Latest sector news from Charity Times and Third Sector through your free subscription. Campaigning for change by raising awareness of your mission Work with ACEVO’s Public Policy Team to give your organisation a voice to deliver change to support your mission. Shape and participate in current policy campaigns. Develop […]
15th May 2015

The Chief Executive’s role in recruitment

Recruitment is fraught with challenges and is rarely a perfect process. Assuming that you get the right people to apply, an interview situation will not always give robust insight into their style, competencies, resilience and reliability.  When recruiting at a senior level these risks are heightened and getting it wrong is potentially very damaging. The Chief Executive of a charity must have a positive influence on recruiting, both to the Board of Trustees and important staff roles, so here are some hints and tips to help you get it right. Firstly, choose your approach. Recruitment companies may not always be seen as necessary, and you may feel that you have a proposition that when advertised / or networked through your contacts will attract a good field on candidates.  If you decide not to use a recruitment partner make sure that you are using advertising and digital media appropriately to ensure that you reach the best prospective candidates and ensure that your proposition to candidates is attractive, engaging and able to reach people who are not actively job seeking.  Did you know that 9/10 potential candidates for most roles are not actively looking for a new job but would consider a […]
4th March 2015

Peridot Partners, strategic partner and sponsor of ACEVOs Pay survey 2014/15

Peridot Partners are proud to have sponsored the ACEVO Pay Survey at a time of increased transparency around Chief Executive pay.  We hope this will go some way to demystifying pay levels and can contribute to a better understanding of the demands on a Chief Executive within the charity sector.  Our main focus as a business is to support charities with the recruitment of their chief executive, senior management team members, specialist fundraisers and trustees, and we also undertake consulting and development work with Trustee Boards to help them to become more effective. Increasingly, we are being asked to undertake formal salary benchmarking processes for charities who want to understand where they sit in relation to their peers and for consideration in the budget setting processes when succession planning. Sometimes it is to ensure the retention of their executives, and at other times to ensure that they can attract the right people when recruiting. If you are considering benchmarking senior positions within your organisation, are about to recruit a  new senior member of the team or even perhaps interested to know more about your own salary and where it sits within current market trends, then we can help. We have […]
17th February 2015

Higher Education Development & Alumni: Hiring global talent, the highs and lows

At Peridot Partners, our approach also places heavy emphasis on the proactive identification and targeting of prospective candidates within the higher education and charity sectors, as well as looking for people with relevant and transferable skills sets from less obvious places.  Increasingly, we are looking at the global development and alumni market, which comes with its challenges including negotiating and supporting the appointed candidate financially with relocation costs, advising on tax implications, helping with initial and then long-term accommodation, and planning for the time it will take for someone to give notice and make the relocation journey.  Unless the appointee is coming with an EU passport, a UK visa application is required and typically sponsorship from the employer, which can also be a topic of uncertainty, with ambiguous check-lists available online that can leave you scratching your head.  With contradictory advice provided by official UK government websites as well as many other companies claiming to support visa applications, although with a fee attached, this is a confusing business. I would encourage candidates looking to move to the UK to speak to a tax professional so they can fully understand all the various tax implications, both in the UK from where […]
12th February 2015

Life After A Founder Decides To Move On – Recruiting A Successor

I read with interest the article ‘The perils of founder’s syndrome’ in last week’s Third Sector highlighting some of the recent acrimony and controversy surrounding recent founders’ departures from ShelterBox, Beat Bullying et al. The article was also quite clear to outline some of the more positive examples of founder-led charities, but it made me reflect on the hold many founders have on their organisations and the impact this can have on how the charity prepares and thinks about the recruitment of their successor when that time comes. We have supported a number of charities at this time. It can be an emotionally charged event and sometimes met with fear and trepidation; largely driven by the fact the founder and charity are more often than not inextricably linked, and succession planning is sometimes difficult to put in place with a strong founder at the helm. Whilst those organisations who are clear about their strategy and the skills they’re going to need for the future (often very different from that of the founder), will be able to focus on what comes next, often the natural inclination is to revert to a similar type of individual as the founder; I guess we’re […]
29th December 2014

Trusteeship is life enhancing not a life sentence!

I was quite disheartened to read the recent article in Third Sector claiming trusteeship can be like a life sentence as charities ‘struggle’ to find new trustees.  This is a rather out dated and pessimistic view and the experience of being a trustee should be life enhancing not a life sentence! Charities really don’t need to be in the position of holding on to trustees in fear of not finding suitable replacements. This is neither healthy for the individual nor for the organisation; it is important to refresh and renew trustees and to align skills, expertise and behaviours of trustees to the changing needs and challenges of an organisation as it evolves. To do this charity’s need to regularly review and properly clarify the skills & behaviours they need on their board and think clearly about how they position the opportunity of trusteeship in their organisation – ie what impact you can have as a trustee. Tell a story, make it meaningful and be proactive.  Sure people are going to interested more generally in putting something back but don’t rely purely on people’s benevolence alone. People considering these roles want to feel they can make a difference, be re-assured the […]
1st December 2014

Higher Education Development & Alumni: A proposition for attracting talent for the year ahead

As we draw to the close of what has been a dynamic year for higher education advancement we can take stock and look towards 2015 with optimism.  Many institutes across the UK are well underway in their vision for what their development and alumni teams are going to look like in terms of evolution and growth.  Now comes the challenging part – How? Recruiting and retaining talented people is critical to the success of advancement.  This is set against the backdrop of a challenging recruitment market with a shortage of candidates.  This last year has shown an increase in a desire to recruit the best fundraisers who are tried and tested within higher education, so your best people are likely to be approached fairly regularly about new opportunities and if they leave, you will have to compete in a highly competitive market to attract high-calibre people with the necessary experience. Ever increasing competition for high-performing fundraisers means that savvy hirers in the coming year will focus on new recruiting approaches and on their employer brand to find a competitive advantage.  Not only may you need to identify talented people working in other sectors and in roles with transferable skills, but […]