20th May 2011

Head of Fundraising & Development appointed at Working Families

Deborah Granville has been appointed at Working Families to lead the development and delivery of a new fundraising strategy.  She successfully came through a rigorous recruitment process having been approached for the role by Peridot Partners. Deborah worked previously as the Head of Fundraising for Lumos and Ovarian Cancer Action, and enjoyed a many successful years earlier in her career at Breakthrough Breast Cancer. We wish Deborah and Working Families every success in the future!  
20th May 2011

‘How to…’ Guides Published on KnowHow NonProfit Website

Peridot Partners have published three short ‘How to…’ guides on the leading information website supporting the effective running of Non Profit organisations.   1) How to write a compelling job application – http://www.knowhownonprofit.org/how-to/how-to-write-a-compelling-job-application 2) How to prepare for a job interview – http://www.knowhownonprofit.org/how-to/how-to-prepare-for-an-interview 3) How to recruit to executive level posts – http://www.knowhownonprofit.org/how-to/how-to-to-recruit-to-executive-level-posts-1   We hope that you fined these helpful! Peridot Partners Team x
14th April 2011

Peridot Partners appoint interim manager at Wokingham Borough Council

Peridot Partners were approached by Wokingham Borough Council to help them find a suitable interim manager to join their adult social care senior management team. Wokingham were very clear about the key deliverables that needed to be achieved and what kind of personality would fit in with their workforce. Peridot Partners have successfully appointed an interim manager for a period of six months.
14th March 2011

Live Q&A online with the Guardian on World Social Work Day – 15th March

Peridot Partners have been invited to be on a panel of sector experts in a live Q&A session online in collaboration with The Guardian. We will be represented by our Non Executive Director Rea Mattocks. The theme will be how to achieve a work life balance in social work, and solutions to stress. You can find more information on The Guardian website at: http://www.guardian.co.uk/local-government-network/2011/mar/11/work-life-social-care-q-a The session will take place on World Social Work Day – 15 March from 12pm – 3pm.
2nd March 2011

Entrepreneurial Development Programme for Social Leaders

The Entrepreneurial Development Programme for Social Leaders is a unique, six-month development opportunity for people in leadership roles in civil society organisations who seek to develop or enhance the commercial, entrepreneurial and business skills required for leading organisations in the future. The programme is endorsed by the UK’s premier awarding body for Leadership and Management qualifications – The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).  All participants have the opportunity to graduate from the programme with an ILM certificate. Key features of the programme: Detailed diagnostic evaluation Diagnostics at the outset will ascertain current entrepreneurial abilities and attitudes to business. This includes psychometric testing to provide insight into personality type and team profile as well as a specialist entrepreneurial potential tool. Clarity on development areas from the diagnostic process will help tie objectives to participant’s performance indicators at work and provide a tailored focus for the duration of the programme.  This will provide tangible measures of success and a means of assessing the return on investment. Expert Panels & One to One Development The programme includes two separate full day sessions where participants will benefit from a morning panel discussion with three successful social entrepreneurs, facilitated by a fourth successful social entrepreneur, […]
28th February 2011

Two new exciting development programmes

Peridot Partners have created two exciting development programmes, both of which have been endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Development (ILM), and are due to launch in April. The Pathways to Future Leadership programme is an innovative learning opportunity for Assistant Directors and Heads of Service in adult social care, which has been created in direct consultation with current serving Directors and Assistant Directors, the Department of Health and ADASS. Dawar Hashmi, Director at Peridot says, “Following our successful pilot programme, the learning we have integrated from that experience and almost a whole year’s research, we know that our programme and learning methods are eminently suitable for broadening our learner’s strategic, political corporate, and external exposure, as well as the changing world of social care. Traditional Director of Adult Social Care roles are now becoming broader and often encompassing a range of new responsibilities in areas such as culture, leisure and housing. Our development programme recognises this shift, and gives participants an opportunity to benefit from a tailor made programme suiting their individual development requirements, which will help create future leaders”. Peridot Partners are also launching their Entrepreneurial Development Programme for Social Leaders. This is a unique 6 month […]
18th January 2011

Recently placed Interim Manager talks about Peridot Partners unique offering

“You asked for my views on the business model you have adopted.  This is certainly one that works for me as an interim manager/consultant as a two way relationship with the client is more straightforward than the traditional triangular relationship between interim & agency and agency & client.  As almost all interims are limited companies this should be straightforward for both parties.  In these challenging times the model should also be attractive to local authorities as the traditional 35% mark up appears increasingly unreasonable the longer an interim assignment continues.  The model is certainly consistent with seeking value for money.” If you would like to hear more about our unique  pricing and service offering for interim managers please contact Dawar Hashmi on 07772 368 388.
18th December 2010

Susan Ralphs appointed as Managing Director of The Ethical Property Company

Peridot Partners are pleased to announce the appointment of Sue Ralphs as Managing Director of The Ethical Property Company.  Sue succeeds founder Jamie Hartzell in enabling Ethical Property to offer affordable, well managed and environmentally friendly property solutions to social change organisations and investment opportunities to ethical investors.  Sue is currently Acting MD and Corporate Services Director at The Ethical Property Company and came through a rigorous external recruitment process successfully before her appointment was confirmed.  She is a Chartered Accountant with a longstanding career in accounting and finance within the third sector, with previous roles in finance at Oxfam and more recently as Finance Director of YWCA England & Wales and as an independent Consultant.  Sue is also involved in a voluntary capacity with a number of local charities. We champion The Ethical Property Company’s innovative ethos and triple-bottom-line and wish Sue all the best in leading the organisation forward.