13th February 2012


Setting the Scene In today’s tight financial climate, students’ unions face increased pressure from students and universities to deliver value for money and innovative new commercial services that capture the interest and fulfil the needs of an ever-evolving and increasingly diverse student population. With this challenge comes opportunity.  Students’ unions can enhance their standing with the university and develop the overall student experience by bringing in people with new ideas and different experience.  With the rise of new trading schemes such as student letting agencies, IT repair centres, nursery services, taxi collection schemes and lucrative retail and food & beverage partnerships, students’ unions increasingly want to hire people who can drive their existing commercial offer forward in new and exciting ways.  There are of course some excellent people working for students’ unions, but they are in demand and too few in number. As recruiters we’ve seen a couple of consistent issues emerge when students’ unions seek to recruit commercial talent. The first is an over-reliance on seeking candidates from other students’ unions because of the perception that ‘external’ candidates don’t understand the nuances of the sector.  The democratic and political elements as well as the complexity of stakeholder relationships take […]
22nd December 2011

After The Riots, by Chris Robinson Chief Executive, Mayor’s Fund for London

There were riots. Then there was reaction. Sometimes, particularly early on, that reaction is mostly a desire for retribution. Then, maybe, there is reflection. And then, maybe we can move to a reasoned response. When we see individual rioters looting or being destructive, or listen to people who have lost their homes or businesses, it is not surprising we want the wrong-doers punished. We seek retribution. The courts working around the clock seem to be doing that. Some politicians seek catch-all answers and scapegoats as part of their reaction. If we can find a convenient enemy then this serves as a focus for quick knee-jerk activity. It would seem ‘gangs’ are the early nominees. Now clearly some gang activity is very damaging and negative. However, as is often the case, the picture is more complex than the initial reaction suggests. Hopefully the debate on gangs over the next few weeks – and even more crucially any responses in terms of new funding – will focus on the evidence not opinion. But my point here is wider than that. If we just focus on individual rioters we may focus on retribution. But does that hold up when we start running into […]
29th November 2011

Allison Trimble joins Peridot Partners as Director of Leadership

We are delighted to announce Allison Trimble as our new Director of Leadership. Allison is a personal and organisational development consultant with over 25 years experience in the health and social care sector. She has extensive experience of working with senior leaders in the public and private sectors as well as working with frontline and community-based leaders. Allison specialises in personal and organisational development using a range of methodologies including whole systems ideas, 1:1 coaching and peer learning activities. Allison is a founder member and former chief executive of the Bromley-by-Bow Centre, an integrated health and community regeneration organisation in Tower Hamlets. Allison was responsible for setting up the Centre’s Community Care Programme and used learning from this initiative to develop the distinctive approach to community ownership and participation which underpins the Centre’s leadership model. Allison has worked with the following clients: • National Skills Academy for Social Care: leadership development adviser 2010; Director of programmes for New Directors of Adult Social Services and Top Leaders Programme. • NCSL (National College for School Leadership): Associate Consultant including leadership programmes for school leaders including a pilot systems leadership programme for national leaders of education. • Kings Fund: Associate Fellow. Faculty for […]
29th November 2011

Kent Union appoints Two Directors to the Senior Management Team

Peridot Partners are pleased to announce two excellent appointments to Kent Union. Hannah Wallington joins as Director of Marketing & Business Development from ICE Creates.  Hannah is CIM qualified with 10 years marketing and communications experience.  She specialises in the public and voluntary sectors and has experience managing end-to-end solutions across the whole marketing mix including experiential, viral and social media. Hannah describes herself as an ethical marketing specialist who is passionate about achieving positive, profitable community change. Tony Logan joins as Director of Operations from Kent Invica Chamber.  Tony enjoyed a fifteen year career with Tesco working across store management, head office and internationally before moving into business advisory roles in Kent where he has enjoyed the past four years.  Tony has exceptional commercial leadership skills and having straddled the private, public and not-for-profit sectors will bring a wealth of experience to Kent Union’s commercial and advisory services. Peridot Partners wish Hannah and Tony the very best of success in their new roles!
29th November 2011

University of Nottingham Students’ Union Appoints New Chief Executive to Lead the Charity Forward

The University of Nottingham Students’ Union will be embarking on a new era with the announcement that Sarah King will be leading the Union forward as its new Chief Executive. Sarah has over twenty years  experience working within the private and charity sectors. Currently Chief Executive at Reach Volunteering, a UK charity providing voluntary organisations access to skills and support, Sarah will be joining the team in January 2012. Sarah is a trustee of YMCA Central Herts and previously worked for the National Council for Voluntary Organisations after 16 years working in the private sector at Lloyds TSB.  She brings to the Students’ Union a passion for seeing people realise their potential. Alex Corck-Adelman, President and Chair of Trustees of the University of Nottingham Students’ Union, said; “I am pleased to announce Sarah’s appointment and very much look forward to working with her. Sarah has an impressive track record of effective leadership and brings considerable experience of managing change while remaining focused on delivery. I know she will make a big contribution both to the Students’ Union and to the students we support.” Sarah King, said; “I am delighted to be joining the University of Nottingham Students’ Union at an […]
29th November 2011

Vacancy Tracking – Charity Sector August 2011 to November 2011

  We are increasingly asked about the state of the jobs market by senior people in the charity sector. Our response to date has been subjective. Now we can provide a clearer picture to employers and future candidates as to the type and volume of vacanies in our sector. We record vacancy information from Guardian, Guardian Jobs and Third Sector sources to track senior recruitment trends. By capturing a range of data on salaries, advertising trends and how senior recruitment is being managed we can provide a unique insight into senior level charity recruitment. We will share new intelligence as it evolves and publish meaningful analysis of the charity recruitment market as the data develops. Over the past three months there have been 216 vacancies published at salaries of £50k and over; 22% were handled by recruitment agencies (see charts below). Watch this space for up-to-date charity recruitment information and look out for our report on advertising and its effectiveness in generating relevant candidates, which will be published in 2012.  
24th October 2011

Involving young people in charities as Trustees

As Trustee week 2011 approaches we have written some tips for you if you would like to consider involving young people as Trustees in the work of your charity.   Why do it? -They have the right to  have their say on decisions that affect them and it gives Board decisions more legitimacy -Builds respect and engagement with other young people who may be associated with the charity as users -It is good governance to have a diverse Board and improves decision making -It changes the Board dynamic for the better -Brings fresh ideas and creativity unburdened by past events / entrenched attitudes -Their perspectives and views improve services – and can make you more successful -They want to play a role in running organisations -It supports their personal development and builds confidence -A huge benefit to wider society -Fewer than 1% of the 900k Trustees in the Third Sector are under 24!!!   Recruiting young people requires a different approach, so think about: -Being accessible to receive questions and  develop their interest on their terms -Use plain language to advertise or promote the role -Explain what is involved such as how many meetings, when and where -Offering taster opportunities […]
1st September 2011

We have moved!

Our new offices are at: Garden Studios 11-15 Betterton Street London WC2H 9BP