9th November 2012

Injecting some fun into the NCAS

Peridot Partners and Guardian Jobs hosted the most popular social event of the National Children and Adult Services Conference 2012. For the second year running, we held a sell-out charity quiz attended by nearly 200 people. The quiz presenters were the witty duo of David Brindle, The Guardian’s public services editor, and Andrew Cozens, Chair of Trustees at Carers Trust. The pair kept guests on their toes with lively topics ranging from general knowledge, adults and children’s social care, trivia and music. As well as the quiz, the evening included entertainment from The Soul Aces, a band made up of local authority chief executives, a magician and a raffle with exciting prizes from top fashion designers. Prize winners were over the moon! Everyone I spoke to had a brilliant time, and I am delighted. The Guardian team did a fantastic job in organising the evening and I’m proud to be associated with such a partner. We put on a great show, which was dubbed as: “definitely the must-not-miss event of the conference” by Lisa Christensen the Director of Children’s Services at Norfolk County Council.  The evening was made up of wonderful people, tasty food, great music and entertainment, and a lot […]
8th November 2012

Succession planning for a Trustee Board helps develop effectiveness

All too often Boards don’t have a succession plan in place. Typically a Trustee will leave or retire and the Board will be left with a gap in skills. The Board may hire a new Trustee in a knee-jerk reaction, and it is often more by chance than design as to whether the new Trustee has the most appropriate skills, experience and cultural fit to enhance Board effectiveness.  Succession planning is not risk management; it is about pro-actively and continually developing the effectiveness of a Board. Look ahead and plan In order to ensure a continually effective and diverse Board, we need to plan. By looking ahead, say five years, and taking into consideration the terms of each Trustee, if the terms are renewable or not, and the skills and experience of each individual, it should be easy to plan when new people will need to be brought in to replace departing Trustees. Some charities give Trustees set lengths of time to serve on a Board, while others don’t have a time frame; but when existing Trustees move on, a Board should have in place a succession in order to fill gaps in skills and experience and to retain (or ideally enhance) […]
1st November 2012

How old is too old to be a Trustee?

In my last blog about obtaining a well-balanced Board, I talked about the importance of enrolling young people as Trustees. Today I’m going to look at the other end of the age spectrum. How old is too old to be a Trustee? The UK is among 14 countries in the EU to impose age restrictions on Trusteeship. Many charities impose this restriction, making Trustees step down when they turn 70. This seems pretty ageist to me. Does someone’s opinion automatically become less valuable, or their skills redundant, the moment they turn 70? Of course there should be a turnover of Trustees, keeping the Board fresh and evolving, however it needn’t be as cut and dry as ruling that Trustees must leave the day they turn 70. Since 2006 it has been illegal to force an employee to retire from employment before age 65 without objective justification and I believe it should be the same for Trustees. If an individual is passionate about a cause, knows an organisation inside and out, has skills and experience that is relevant and is still eager to be on the Board of Trustees, then why not let them continue? Equally, if a Trustee approaching 70 is happy to step […]
24th October 2012

Charities should enrol young Trustees

Building an effective, successful and dynamic board of Trustees is no mean feat. Every non-profit organisation has different needs and therefore, each board should be unique. There is no one-size-fits-all formula; however, there are some things all Boards should consider to get the right balance. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting series of blogs exploring what to look for and what to consider when recruiting, training and appraising trustees. Part one: Charities should be inviting more young people to join their board of trustees. If you read the third sector press, you may have noticed a conversation taking place about young Trustees (there’s also talk about the lack of young donors too), and I believe there is a lot to be said for having young people on boards. The most effective Boards should be made up of Trustees from a range of backgrounds, with different skills and of varying ages to ensure a good dynamic.  However, according to research paper Mind the Gap, only 0.5 per cent of trustees are aged 18-24 and just 2 per cent are under 30 years old. This shows a clear lack of representation in not-for-profits for this age group. Young people can bring fresh ideas […]
18th October 2012

Peridot & Guardian Jobs Charity Quiz at NCAS Conference Eastbourne 2012

Here at Peridot we are gearing up for the NCAS Conference in Eastbourne next week, and looking forward to our Charity Quiz which we are co-hosting with Guardian Jobs. Last year’s quiz night was a terrific success,  filling the Fox at the Excel Centre to capacity. We gave away some fantastic prizes ranging from Jimmy Choo to Mulberry and Hugo Boss amongst other luxury gifts. The prizes this year are rumoured to be even more spectacular. The presenters, for the third year running, are the witty duo David Brindle and Andrew Cozens, who will keep us on our toes with lively topics ranging from general knowledge, adults and children’s social care, trivia and music. The date is Thursday 25 October 2012 | 7.30pm – 11.30pm at The Loft, Eastbourne. Throughout the night there will be drinks, food, a raffle and live music from the legendary Soul Aces! All profits from the event will be donated to Family Action, supporting families since 1869. We look forward to seeing you there!
10th October 2012

Welcome to our new site

Check it out: a brand spanking new website and a re-brand to mark the first three years of Peridot Partners. Welcome and thanks for visiting. Let me show you around…. Once your eyes adjust to our new vibrant yellow-green brand colour, you may have noticed first of all, the cartoons on each page. These are caricatures of our wonderful team members. Without such a strong team, we wouldn’t be where we are today, they play a starring role at Peridot Partners, and so we’ve also given them a prominent role in our new website.  Everyone prefers to deal with real people with real personalities, rather than the stuffy face of a corporation, so in our meet the team pages, not only can you find out about each of the Peridot teams’ specialisms, but also what we love and what makes us tick. We  wanted to showcase our brand values: We’re brave – we’re not afraid to do things differently; we’re open-minded and flexible; we listen and make sure we fully understand our clients; we have integrity – we are honest, decent and fair and we think long-term – we want people to work with us again and again. These values […]
1st September 2012

IOSH launches search for next Chief Executive

Following the announcement earlier this year that, following 12 years of successful leadership, Rob Strange OBE will be retiring from his role as IOSH Chief Executive at the end of May 2013, the search for Rob’s successor has now begun. The search is being led by Peridot Partners, on behalf of the IOSH Remuneration Committee, chaired by Board Chairman Keith Underhill. Our new five year strategy provides the framework for our work between now and 2017; how this is interpreted and delivered operationally will be critical to the success of IOSH.  It will be vital that our Chief Executive has a proven track record of achievement at a senior level; someone who can inspire the organisation – its employees, members, stakeholders and customers – and successfully guide it to achieve its strategic aims, charitable objectives and commercial growth. Although previous experience of working in a not-for-profit environment is not necessary, IOSH’s Chief Executive must have a personal motivation and commitment to working for the benefit of members and charitable objectives.  We are seeking someone who can demonstrate having successfully held a similar role of authority, political influence, excellent networking and partnership skills, and the ability to demonstrate they have grown […]
26th June 2012

New Board Effectiveness / Trustee Recruitment Service

  There is no one recipe for having a high-performing Trustee Board. Our view is that it requires a combination of “hard” components such as robust structures, clear roles & responsibilities, and good quality processes and administration; as well as “soft” components including Trustees with the right competencies, a capable Chair who has a healthy relationship with the Chief Executive and a culture of enthusiastic discussion / effective decision making.  Julia Unwin developed behavioural roles to demonstrate this point saying it was all very well to have the skills, but you also need people who will pose different questions and play different roles such as: peacemaker, challenger, history holder, fixer etc. Caron Bradshaw, Chief Executive of Charity Finance Directors Group said on 1st August 2011 in the Guardian that: “Pretty much every charity, regardless of size and sub-sector, and every type of senior charity staff I’ve spoken to, can give an example of poorly functioning relationships between Board and executive.  Board effectiveness, the importance of balanced skills and personalities, and the need for good communication between board and executive is an issue that is often discussed. But getting the balance right does seem to be a really tricky task.” Our […]